Mom Goes Viral for Rewarding Son with Money Equivalent to Total Grade

A lot of parents find it a huge challenge to motivate their children to do well in school, especially when it comes to getting good grades. For many, it could mean taking away their children’s gadgets and limiting their TV and computer time. For others, motivation comes through a reward system.

So, how do you reward the kids for their good grades?

Well, different parents have different ways of rewarding their kids – and the rewards could even vary, depending on the child’s age and interests or how high the grades might be.

For parents Mary Joy Piquero and Mark Piquero, the reward was simple and practical: they simply add up their son’s final grades at the end of the school year. Whatever is the total will be the amount the kid will receive.

Recently, the rather unusual reward system got a lot of netizens wishing their parents had done the same thing for them – and students are tagging their parents to get the same reward.

Mary Joy’s post shared a photo of her son’s report card, with high grades. After telling her son to compute the sum of all his final grades, the kid got a whopping total score of 1,086. Because he gets a peso for each score, the kid got Php1,086! Wow.

Photo credit: Mary Joy Piquero / Facebook

“Kuya: compute-in mo lahat ng grade mo sa final grade

*lumabas 1,086*

Thankkk Youu kuyaaaa luuvvyouuu”

The post quickly went viral – and it was easy to why. A lot of students certainly loved this kind of reward system, with several saying they hope all parents also implemented the same rule.

There’s just one flaw to this reward system, though; because even those who get low grades still get a good amount of money if their final grades are added up.

For example, if the kid had gotten a final grade of 70 in all the 12 items/subjects listed on the report card shared by Mary Joy, he would still get a total of 840. That means he’ll receive Php840, still a big amount, even with very low grades…

But other netizens pointed out that the reward system most likely had some rules – and getting those low marks wouldn’t qualify for the reward, right?

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