McDonald’s Throws Graduation Party for Kid Who Went Viral for Studying Outside Store

Some years ago, a kid went viral for studying under the light of a lamp outside a McDonald’s outlet. His diligence was admired by many netizens who felt that he would surely have a brighter future ahead of him because he knows how to find ways to solve his situation, instead of complaining about the hardships in life.

Identified as Daniel Cabrera, the boy became a social media star who was admired by many and made an example to other kids.

Photo credit: PhilStar

While many students who live in comfortable homes complain about not getting the stuff they want, such as a new school bag or the latest gadget, there’s this kid who didn’t even have electricity at home yet was happily doing his homework by taking advantage of the light outside a 24-hour fast food outlet. For that, Daniel gained admiration from a lot of netizens.

The kid studies at Subangdaku Elementary School in Subangdaku, Mandaue in the province of Cebu, central Philippines. His story would reverberate across social media, with many Filipino netizens predicting that he would have a good life in the future because he knows how to find ways to fix his problems – even if that problem is something as serious for a kid as finding enough light to work on his assignments.

Photo credit: PhilStar

Recently, Daniel graduated from Subangdaku Elementary School, earning the awards for Best in Math and Best in Attendance. Proud of the kid who went viral for studying outside their store, the McDonald’s outlet decided to throw Daniel a surprise party to congratulate him for his achievement in school.

Some netizens suggested that the store also open a scholarship program for this admirable kid so that he could have a better future. Others also expressed hope that the store will provide him with school supplies for the years to come.

Photo credit: PhilStar

Congratulations, Daniel! And kudos to the McDonald’s team for throwing this inspiring kid a congratulatory party for his graduation…

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