Loving Dad Provides Full Support for Wheelchair-Bound Son Taking LET

It is a well-known fact that most parents would do anything and everything for their children, no matter how the kids they might already be!

Recently, a loving dad went viral for providing full support for his wheelchair-bound son who was taking the September 2019 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET).

Photo credit: Sheila Mae Estrañero Glor / Facebook

This admirable dad accompanied his son to the classroom as he took care of the young man, ensuring that he is comfortable and able to have enough food and water during the test.

According to netizen Sheila Mae Estrañero Glor who was also taking the test alongside the old man’s son, she had not really noticed the two when she arrived. With the exam starting at 6:30 AM, everyone arrived early at 5:30 AM to get ready.

Photo credit: Sheila Mae Estrañero Glor / Facebook

Sheila was so focused on the first subject that she didn’t even notice the old man standing outside the classroom, smiling at passersby, until after she completed that first test. In her mind, she praised the old man and admired how supportive he is of his child, whoever it might be; she didn’t notice the other examinee in the wheelchair.

With the LET exam scheduled from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, the old man continued to patiently wait outside the classroom. His admirable dedication made him a hero in many netizens’ hearts.

Photo credit: Sheila Mae Estrañero Glor / Facebook

Whole most of the examinees were actually finished by 5PM, Sheila and the old man’s son were among the last ones to complete the test. She finished ahead of the guy.

As she went outside, the proud dad told her that his son is taking the exam. He was beaming with pride that Sheila got curious, asking which of the examinees is his son. He pointed to the wheelchair-bound guy.

Photo credit: Sheila Mae Estrañero Glor / Facebook

This happy dad also told her he had been doing this in college, taking his son to school and wheeling him around the campus. What’s so impressive is that both of them were determined to do this; they never gave up.

As the old man bid goodbye because his son was finally finished with the test, Sheila could not help but offer a silent prayer for the two. She prayed that the old man would live a long life so he could continue taking care of son. She also prayed that this dedicated old man’s equally admirable son would past the test.

Photo credit: Sheila Mae Estrañero Glor / Facebook

God bless you both…

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