Kind Kids Help an Old Ice Cream Vendor Push Cart Up the Bridge

Who said kids these days are selfish and don’t know how to help others in need?

Well, while this could be said about many young folks these days, there are still a lot of young ones of this generation who were raised well and know how to help even if no one tells them to do it.

Photo credit: Armel Manglallan / Facebook

One example of this are the kids spotted helping an old ice cream vendor push his cart up a steep bridge.

Armel Manglallan was on Bang Bang Bridge in Pasig City when he noticed an old man struggling to push his heavy ice cream push cart up the inclined part of the bridge. Moments later, several kids ran to help the old man, without no one even telling them to do it.

Photo credit: Armel Manglallan / Facebook

Two young boys and one girl, all still in their school uniforms, did their best to assist the old man as he went up the bridge.

While Manglallan was unable to help the old man since he was going the other way and would cause traffic in the area if he stopped, he was glad that the kids were there for this old vendor. Because he could not help push the cart, he took a video of the kind kids to share their good deed on social media.

Photo credit: Armel Manglallan / Facebook

Just as he expected, the kids earned much praise on social media for their kindness to the old man. A lot of netizens commented that they were glad to see that there are still young children who know how to help others in need, without no one telling them to do it – and without asking for anything in return.

The video has impressed over 2 million netizens who wished these children a better life, saying good karma will follow them because they are good kids. Many also praised their parents for raising such wonderful young children…

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