Kid Carrying Sack from School Goes Viral, Reveals it Contains Grass for Cows

Many people have a low opinion about kids these days, saying that the new generation is simply concerned about themselves and feel entitled. However, one kid recently went viral for his selfless actions for the cows they have at home as he carries a sack of grass from school.

It did not matter for the Grade 7 student, identified as Arkim Camello, that his classmates and schoolmates were watching while he carried the sack on his head. What was important is that he had grass for their cows at home.

Photo credit: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook

Teacher Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo shared photos of the young boy, saying that she admired his perseverance and the fact that he was not embarrassed to be seen with the sack on his head. According to the teacher, she and Arkim’s adviser, Rosemarie Sartagoda Diotay, were impressed by this young lad.

It was revealed that Arkim goes to Usmaad National High School in Argao town, southern Cebu.

During their TLE-Agriculture (exploratory) class, the kids were told to uproot grass to prepare their garden. After learning that the grass would just be discarded, the kid asked permission from his teacher to bring it home for his cows.

Photo credit: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook

If you are a student who continue to take for granted your opportunity to be in school despite the comfort and easy access you have, look at this student. If you are a teacher who doesn’t know your purpose yet, check this student,” the teacher wrote on Facebook.

Look at this young boy who showed so much value for education yet, took responsibility in helping his family.

The teacher added that she believes the boy simply did this without being told by his parents. It proved that he was a responsible kid who thought about helping his parents out.

Photo credit: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook

He is someone whom the parents must be proud of. He is someone whom the students who took for granted their studies must look up to and introspect. To this young boy, truly you inspired us. For a new teacher like me, you just unleashed the answers of my “whys” and you [subconsciously] introduced the ‘must’,” she added.

Let us remember the line of C. S Lewis that ‘Hardships prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny’. Cheer up boy, bright future lies ahead your way.

Good job, kid!

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