Hungry Student Struggles to Take Exams, Finds Help after Teacher Shares Story

The sad plight of a hungry student who struggled to take his exams went viral after his teacher shared the story on Twitter; help quickly poured in for the poor kid and his family.

Teacher Jayvee of Santiago National High School in City of General Trias, Cavite was giving his students a long exam when he noticed that one was just staring on his armchair, not doing anything.

Photo credit: Twitter – @Carampotpotpot / Jayvee

Thinking the student just didn’t have money to pay Php1 for the photocopy fee for the test paper, Teacher Jayvee just handed him one. But the kid just stared at the test paper.

Worried, the teacher asked the boy what was wrong. While the kid was too shy to tell his teacher, his seatmate revealed that he was hungry because he had not eaten anything the entire day.

Photo credit: Twitter – @Carampotpotpot / Jayvee

Considering the class was at 5PM, Teacher Jayvee was shocked to learn that the kid had not eaten any food that day! So, he told one of the students to buy biscuits and water at the canteen because the boy, identified as Jovel Habagat, was already feeling dizzy out of hunger.

While talking to the kid, the teacher learned that he comes from an obviously poor family whose construction worker dad could not really afford to feed his wife and 9 children, with another on the way.

Photo credit: Twitter – @Carampotpotpot / Jayvee

Their pregnant mom could barely stretch the money their dad earns from his job; this leaves the kids with very little food to eat day after day. Yet Jovel hardly misses a day in school!

Admiring the kid for his diligence despite his difficult situation, Teacher Jayvee shared his story on Twitter. He also gave the kid his collection from the other students’ payment for the test papers so the family could have some food for dinner.

Photo credit: Twitter – @Carampotpotpot / Jayvee

A lot of netizens offered to help the kid, with one driving all the way from Makati to Cavite to personally bring her donation to Jovel and his family.

Many are also hoping the child’s family, especially his mother, will be provided with a steady source of income so that she could feed the kids.

Photo credit: Twitter – @Carampotpotpot / Jayvee

Others also hoped the couple won’t add to their already many kids as this was also the major reason why they have nothing to eat.

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  1. I have shared this, I am close friends with the child’s neighbor. I hope many people respond, we are waiting for a go fund me to be set up, for him or for him and other students at your school who can’t afford to eat. Please let me know if this is done, I am happy to pass the word all over the internet.

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