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Guy Breaks Down after Traveling 2,400km to Surprise GF, Only to Catch Her Cheating

A lot of long-distance relationships do not work out after some time because a third party is often involved. Many people are just not strong enough to handle the loneliness of being away from their partner, leading them to seek comfort from someone near.

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Sadly, the honest one is often blissfully unaware that the other one is already seeing someone new and might already be falling out of love with the original boyfriend or girlfriend.

One guy recently went viral for traveling 2,400km to surprise his girlfriend, only to catch her cheating with another guy when he arrived!

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The unnamed fella wanted to surprise his girlfriend for a special occasion. He bought a teddy bear mascot costume and traveled many hours to reach her. The reunion would have been sweet and beautiful, with this guy going out of the way to surprise his girl.

Sadly, the guy ended up in tears when he arrived at where his girl said she was hanging out with friends. Instead of seeing her with a bunch of her new friends, the boyfriend caught her buying some food with a guy. And it was obvious in the way the other guy held the girl in his arms that they have a relationship!

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Shocked by what he had just witnessed, the poor boyfriend could only stare at the couple. He removed the mascot’s head to better watch the two. Sensing that someone was intently staring at her, the girl turned to his direction and was definitely shocked to see her boyfriend standing there!

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The guy put the mascot’s head back on and ran away. Realizing that she had been caught but still valuing her boyfriend, the girl ran after him, but he appeared to turn her away.

Photo credit: @T_Radiosonde / Twitter

A lot of netizens expressed anger at the woman, commenting that it’s really bad that she was two-timing her boyfriend – and now she has lost him forever. Some even speculated that she probably lost the other guy, too! Double ouch.

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