Graduate Goes Viral for Bringing Late Mom’s Life-Size Standee to His Graduation

Raised by his single mom, Paulo John Alinsog knew just how hard she wants to see him graduate from college. She made sure to send him to private schools even if she didn’t earn a lot of money, just to give him the best advantage.

Even when she later got married, Paulo John’s mother made sure she did not rely on her husband to send her son to school. Paulo John enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Business Management at the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), with the full support of his mother.

Photo credit: Paulo John Alinsog / Twitter

But while it was her life-long dream to see him graduate from college, Paulo John’s mother would not live long enough to see that dream come true. In 2016, she passed from complications in pneumonia.

It was a devastating experiencing for the young student, but Paulo John knew that he had to push himself to try harder so he could fulfill their life-long dream. He studied hard and fulfilled all the requirements so he could graduate from college.

Photo credit: Paulo John Alinsog / Twitter

And when he was able to reach his dream, Paulo John knew that he would love to have his mother by his side on his Graduation Day. So, this young man ordered a life-size cutout of his mother. It was printed out and specifically made so that it would be just like his mom who stands at 5 ft and 2 inches.

She was a single parent [for a few years]. She sent me to private schools. And we were very close to each other. My mother didn’t ask my stepfather to send me to college. All of the money came from her and my aunts who helped out,” Paulo John explained.

When I brought it (the cutout) to my graduation, I was so happy because I really felt I was with my mom.

Photo credit: Paulo John Alinsog / Twitter

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