Grade 7 Student with Severe Eye Problem Goes Viral for Determination to Go to School

A Grade 7 student recently went viral for her determination to go to school despite the fact that she could barely see her books or what she’s writing on her notebooks. The writings on the board are also difficult for her to decipher, yet she tries her best to be in school, anyway.

Mae Sasutil is 18 years old and studies as a Grade 7 student at T’boli National High School in T’Boli, South Cotabato. The young lady suffers from a congenital eye disorder that has led to her being so near-sighted she reads with her eyes just about an inch away from the page!

One could just imagine the difficulties this young student has to face every single day, yet she refused to give up. She might not be as fast as the other kids in completing her seat works and assignments; she might not be able to read as easily as everyone else, yet her determination to try is so admirable.

The young student’s plight was shared on social media by her teacher, Rhea Manglicmot. The post went viral and was soon picked up by other sites, including ABS-CBN News.

Photo credit: Rhea Manglicmot / ABS-CBN News – Facebook

More people expressed admiration on the young lady, with many saying she deserves to receive as much help as she could from the government. But some suggested that the teacher help her get a PWD ID, many netizens offered help for Mae in terms of providing her eyeglasses so she could finally see clearly.

Help is expected to pour in for this determined young lady, with so many people rooting for her success.

According to the post by ABS-CBN News on Facebook, the local government and the DepEd had provided assistance for the young student. Everyone is hoping she would get a pair of glasses soon.

Kudos to you, Mae! Keep working on your dreams…

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