Grade 4 Student Goes Viral for ‘Rejection Letter’ to Suitor Who Doesn’t Eat Vegetables

Netizens are having a good laugh over the “rejection letter” that a Grade 4 girl wrote to her suitor who doesn’t eat vegetables. Wait. What? LOL.

It is a reality these days that kids are getting more expressive about their feelings, even if many of us adults think that they are still too young to be in love. For some reason, kids as young as those in grade school (or even in preschool!) already have girlfriends and boyfriends or are seriously thinking about love.

A teacher of Cristo Elementary School in Donsol, Sorsogon, recently shared the “love letter” which is actually a “rejection letter” written by one of her students in Grade 4. The girl, named “Danica”, writes to a certain “Eman”, apologizing to her suitor for not choosing him.

The young girl had another suitor named “Inoy” – and he is the one that she chooses over Eman.

And while this could have been just another “rejection letter”, netizens could not help but laugh over the reasons why Danica picked Inoy instead of Eman. As she tells Eman that she is in love with Inoy, Danica explained that she doesn’t like him because he’s too thin and doesn’t eat vegetables! Ouch.

Photo credit: Rossane Cadag Badrina / Facebook

This got a lot of netizens laughing, especially because Danica even made an illustration to drive the point home. She and Inoy are inside a huge heart, with Inoy giving her flowers while Eman is outside the heart, just watching them (and he doesn’t have flowers).

Pinamukha nia tlga ky eman ang pinakamasakit na hagupit ng pagbasted nia sa pamamagitan ng drawing. Un bang nkita mu un mhal mo na my mhal ng iba sa loob ng isang puso. Cguro wla kang pambiling flowers lupettt.. pero ok lang, mas mgnda nman ang pangalan mo kysa ky inoy..” one netizen laughingly commented.

And while many netizens thought that posting the letter would certainly not help the students and just might encourage more young kids to “fall in love”, others pointed out that even in past generations kids had already exchanged love letters.

Many netizens shared words of encouragement for Eman, reminding the kid that it’s not the end of the world – but also encouraging him to eat vegetables, not for Danica but for his own good.

Patuloy ang buhay Eman…bata ka pa at marami pang Danica sa mundo. Pag handaan ang.kinabukasan, at mag aral ng mabuti at magsikap at.higit sa lahat kumain ng masustansyang gulay hindi para sa iba kundi maging malusog ka. Praying for these kids to be upright and well mannered,” one netizen encouraged.

“Kumain ng gulay para magka lablayp. Woohoo,” another one couldn’t help but joke. LOL.

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