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Girl Earns Praise for Diligently Going to School, Even If She Only Eats Rice but No Viand

Her family can’t afford to send her to school with viand, but one girl who happily eats rice as she attends school every single day is going viral. Netizens praised this young girl for still wanting to go to school even if she doesn’t have viand to eat, just rice.

It only goes to show that she might not have a choice in terms of food and the circumstances surrounding her life, but she understands the value of education. Many netizens think that this is a good thing because she would surely try her best in her studies so she can have a better future!

Posted by Facebook page D30 viral video and news, the girl appears to be in grade school. However, the post did not indicate the child’s name, her grade, or where she can be found. But the post indicated that the kid only has rice for food as she enjoys lunch in school, yet this did not stop her going to her classes every single day. She hasn’t incurred any absences despite the lack of food.

Photo credit: D30 viral video and news / Facebook

A lot of netizens wished the girl good fortune and a better life in the future, commenting that they had also experienced a similar situation in the past but are now enjoying a good life because they completed their studies and found a good job.

Marami din cguro nkaranas nang gnong scenario 6 decades ago isa na ako doon kanin lng plagi binabalot sa dahon nang saging at msuwerte nlng kng may bagoong na isda sa ibabaw nang knin at maluluto din dahil maiinit pa ang kanin pgkain mo nang tanghalian sa school ang bango at sarap nang ulam ko imprtante tau ay nkakapasok pa sa school kahit papano…” one netizen wrote.

Ang mga batang ganyan Ang magtatagumpay sa tulong ng Dios at sa pamamaraan ng Dios , wala man siyang ulam Mas matindi naman Ang basbas ng panginoon sa kanya,” another commented.

Yan Ang Bata. kahit walang ulam at baon nag susumikap makatapos mag aral pagdating ng araw successful Ang batang Ito, Hindi Gaya NG iba feeling rich khit hirap Ang buhay,” another netizen wrote.

God bless you, little girl!

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