Former OFW Goes Back to School, Graduates Cum Laude from Education Course at 42

A 42-year-old former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) graduated from an education course at the National Teachers College (NTC) as Cum Laude – and her story has gone viral, making her an inspiration to many.

The eldest of five siblings, Michelle Sison had to quit school to find a job so she could help support her family and send her younger siblings to school. Just like many eldest children in the Philippines, this was an expected ‘duty’ that she had to fulfill for her family.


Photo credit: TV Patrol / YouTube

Michelle had always dreamed of becoming a teacher, yet she put that dream on hold so she could support her family by becoming an OFW. This way, she was able to send her siblings to college; one of them became a teacher, sharing the same dream.


Photo credit: TV Patrol / YouTube

Though she was able to fulfill her ‘duty’ as eldest child, sending her siblings to school, she finally came to a realization that it was not yet too late for her to fulfill her own dreams. So, despite her age, Michelle went back to school.

Her journey to become a teacher was not easy, especially because it had been two decades since she last went to school. Yet this determined former OFW was not going to let something as trivial as age get her down and stop her from trying to reach for her dreams.


Photo credit: TV Patrol / YouTube

With the support of the siblings she had sent to school in her youth, Michelle was able to go to school and finally graduate from her course of Secondary Education from NTC – and she did so with flying colors, graduating as Cum Laude! Wow.

This year, NTC also decided to choose a graduating student whom the others believe is the most inspiring of all – and everyone voted on Michelle. On their graduation day, she did not only receive her medal as Cum Laude, she was also awarded Gawad Haraya, the school’s most prestigious award.


Photo credit: TV Patrol / YouTube

As she becomes a teacher, Michelle hopes to impart her knowledge to her students and inspire them with her life story…

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