Retired Principal’s Reports in Handmade ‘Excel’ Sheets Impress Netizens

Are you having a hard time doing all your reports on MS Excel and Powerpoint? We feel you! We know exactly how difficult that can be, especially when there’s a lot of data to process. But can you imagine what life must have been to people in past generations, back in the day when everyone had no access to these modern conveniences?

Well, one millennial just discovered her dad’s old reports – and the handmade “Excel” sheets truly impressed netizens!

Kathleen Shane Pinlac Sison posted on her Facebook account some photos taken from the reports her father did back in the day when he served as principal at an elementary school. While the data might not hold much significance to most netizens these days, everyone was simply impressed at how Sison’s dad was able to create these detailed reports by hand.

We found Papang’s briefcase and saw this!!!” Sison shared on Facebook.

He was a principal in an elementary school back then. As someone who was born in the advent of technology, I am so amazed. Before Microsoft Excel, there’s this! Sipag ni Papang at ang galing talagaaaa!!! 😭✨

Poring over the detailed charts, graphs, and tables that Sison’s dad made, netizens could not help but feel amazed that this was completed by hand. While things are much easier these days, creating these reports would still take many hours – just imagine how many hours Sison’s dad must have spent on these reports.

But while most netizens were more impressed by the handmade charts and graphs, there were those who actually read the data – and they were quite amazed as well.

Ang galing nung literacy rate compared today HUHUHU,” a netizen commented.

Through these graphs and detailed charts, Sison’s dad was able to monitor the progress of the students in his school in terms of scores in division tests, district achievement tests, attendance, oral reading, and other indicators.

Of course, teachers and principals these days still make similar reports (if not more, perhaps) but can you imagine manually preparing your charts and graphs?

Photos by Kathleen Shane Pinlac Sison  / Facebook

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