Donut Vendor’s Eldest Daughter is Now a Teacher, Second Child a 4th Year Education Student

A mom who sold donuts to send kids to school is now reaping the fruits of her labor as her eldest is currently a teacher while her second also plans to be one – and is actually a 4th year education student who’s going to graduate in the next few months!

In an episode on “Wowowin” wherein the participants are hawkers, people who shout and call out to customers to advertise their goods, Nanay Donut stood out because of her name and her story.

Photo credit: Wowowin / YouTube

Nanay Donut narrated that in her over 23 years of selling donuts, most of her customers do not know her real name because they simply call her as ‘Donut’ or ‘Nanay Donut’. Her real name is actually Nancy but because of her donuts, she didn’t really mind getting the second nickname. What mattered to Nanay Donut is that her loyal customers regularly buy from her, so she could send her children to school.

Eh kasi po napatunayan na ng donut… Twenty three years na po akong nagdo-donut. Hindi po ako nakikilala sa tunay kong pangalan kung hindi dahil sa pagdo-donut,” Nanay Donut explained.

They are not rich but through her hard work, she was able to send her children to school. The first one is now a teacher and the second is on the way to also becoming one. The third one already has a family and has quit school for a while but the fourth is in Grade 11.

Photo credit: Wowowin / YouTube

Some netizens were wondering what Nanay Donut’s husband does for a living. It turned out he is sick; thus, he could not work to support the family. Still, Nanay Donut does not mind because she is willing to sacrifice everything for her family and to make sure her children finish their college education.

Ma, thank you so much sa lahat ng sakripisyo mo. Hindi kita kinakahiya kahit inaasar nila kami na ‘yung nanay namin, nagtitinda lang. Hindi nila alam ‘yung hirap ng isang tindera. Iyong maglako ka maghapon kahit katirikan iyong araw. Ma, thank you…” said Mae, one of Nanay Donut’s kids.

Photo credit: Wowowin / YouTube

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