Diligent Pupil Takes Care of Sister in School, Hopes to Become a Teacher Someday

I want to be a teacher…” a young lad told his teacher when asked why he still goes to school even though he had to care for his younger sister.

He is clearly having a difficult time caring for his younger sister, but a boy recently went viral for not giving up. His determination earned him admiration, not only from his teachers but also from netizens.

Photo credit: Herald Hope Tero-Mangle Apole / Facebook

Studying at New-Katipunan Elementary School, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur, the young boy has to bring his sister to school every day. His teacher, Herald Hope Tero-Mangle Apole, took pity on the child and asked about his situation; however, what the teacher learned about the kid broke his heart even more.

According to Teacher Herald, the boy lives at Sitio New Katipunan in San Juan, Bayugan City in Agusan del Sur. Even though he often does not get to eat breakfast, he does not think much about the missed meal as long as he could go to school. For this young boy, school brought him hope for a brighter future.

Photo credit: Herald Hope Tero-Mangle Apole / Facebook

The boy chose to go to school even if he does not have a baon (allowance). Just imagine how hungry he must feel by lunch, considering he did not eat breakfast and had no baon.

With his parents being poor, the kid does not have a uniform. He and his sibling wear pambahay (house clothes) yet his determination to go to school was always there. The young boy has to act as parents to his younger sister – and he lovingly cares for her while making sure he can still focus on his lessons. What an admirable kid!

Photo credit: Herald Hope Tero-Mangle Apole / Facebook

According to Teacher Herald, this kid wants to be a teacher someday! Wouldn’t it be great if he would succeed in this dream and truly become a teacher in the future? Many netizens believe so; some have even sent help for the kids through the teacher; however, many are also hoping their parents would be more responsible.

Kudos to you, young man! Stay focused on your studies and don’t ever give up!

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