Despite Heavy Downpour, Determined Homeless Girl Still Makes Her Homework

A determined homeless girl would go viral for trying her best to do her homework even under the heavy downpour brought by a rainstorm in her area. In the heated debate over homework as a lawmaker proposed a homework ban, her story became highlighted – and used by both groups to explain their respective side.

Made homeless after her father got sick, Lorensalie Elaine Dolfo and her family were living at a parking area for days. But the determined young girl was seen making her homework despite a heavy downpour that was sending drops of water to the spot where she was trying her best to stay dry.

Photo credit: Rolando Villanueva / Newsflare – YouTube

Her mother could be seen sleeping just a few steps away, unmindful of the rainstorm; while her sister was also awake and trying to keep herself from shivering in the cold by putting her arms and legs inside the oversized shirt she was wearing.

Even as she struggled with her homework, Lorensalie earned praise from netizens for her determination to work on her lessons even with the heavy downpour. She struggled with the cloth she was trying to use to stay dry, but the young girl never gave up.

Photo credit: Rolando Villanueva / Newsflare – YouTube

She did her best to finish her lessons even though her mother was fast asleep and could not help her out or even push her to do the homework before going to bed. Of course, with no real bed to sleep in, doing her homework seemed like a better idea as the rain continued to pour.

Photo credit: Rolando Villanueva / Newsflare – YouTube

Some netizens could not help but take notice that the person who took the video did not try to help the girl and her family stay out of the rain.

But others noted that this person probably did not have authority to let the family in as they lived at the parking lot outside an apartment block in Manila

Photo credit: Rolando Villanueva / Newsflare – YouTube

Lorensalie became the poster child for the homework debate. On one hand, advocates of the ban claimed that Lorensalie is living proof why children should not be given homework. Yet those who oppose the ban see her as the best example of how homework can shape a child’s future as they are taught to solve problems and continue learning even outside the classroom…

According to Inspire Story, the girl told Villanueva that she’s a grade-three second-honor student at Aurora Quezon Elementary School.

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

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