Designer Makes Free Gown for Student Who Only had Php30 for Down Payment

A student who only had Php30 for down payment in renting a gown for her JS Prom received a free gown from a kindhearted designer – and the gown wasn’t the cheapest available but actually a gorgeous red number that costs Php5,000 to rent! Wow.

Photo credit: Rica Cariño Lopez / Facebook

In a heartwarming post that has gone viral on Facebook, designer Rica Cariño Lopez shares the story of how a girl went to their shop, asking for the prices of the gowns they are renting at Ricahson Gown’s and Suit Collection in Pangasinan. The girl was visibly dismayed after learning of the price of the cheapest gown available for rent at the shop.

The girl studies at Mangatarem National High School, Rica shared. She shyly asked how much down payment was needed for the gown, then whispered to Rica whether she would accept Php30 as payment. Rica was rather speechless over the offer and the girl left.

Photo credit: Rica Cariño Lopez / Facebook

But the moment kept on playing back in her mind because she feels pity for the young girl who truly wanted to join the prom yet had no money to even rent a gown.

The owner of the nearby shop knows the girl and her parents, Rica said. She asked them about the girl and was deeply touched upon learning what job the girl’s mom does. She didn’t mention what it was but soon called the girl back to the shop.

Photo credit: Rica Cariño Lopez / Facebook

For the first time, Ricahson Gown’s and Suit Collection sponsors a girl’s dream gown for the JS Prom – and it looks awesome! Instead of just letting her borrow their cheapest gown, Rica decided to let the girl use one of their fanciest gowns.

In one of the comments on the post, Rica revealed that the gown is actually for rent for Php5,000, but they let the girl use it for free. Isn’t that wonderful?

Photo credit: Rica Cariño Lopez / Facebook

A lot of netizens praised Rica, wishing her and her shop more blessings for being so kind to this struggling student… Kudos!

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