DepEd: Values and Discipline Should Start at Home, Schools Could Only Reinforce

The kids of this generation are so different from the previous ones. This has been observed by many, including teachers and psychologists.

A lot of old people often complain these days about how a lot of children are rude, disrespectful, and only thing of themselves. Teachers are having a difficult time because their students have minds of their own and don’t listen to what their educators are telling them to do.

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Sadly, many parents are blaming the teachers for this situation, arguing that these teachers are supposed to be the ones to teach their children yet the teachers are ‘not doing their jobs’!

According to Noemi Moncada, Principal of Lagro National High School, many teachers are even bullied by parents of students who are subject to disciplinary action. The teachers are blamed for not teaching the kids what to do and how to behave, yet the parents forget that their children’s values formation actually starts at home.

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Values Education teacher Riza Alzate admitted that teachers feel hurt by the accusation, especially considering that they don’t teach these kids to be bad and the kids are already like this when they arrive in school.

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The Department of Education (DepEd) Region 2, Schools Division of Santiago City, recently earned praise from teachers after releasing a reminder to parents that learning about values and discipline should start at home.

In the memo, Division Superintendent of DepEd Santiago Dr. Florante Vergara reminded parents that it is at home that the children learn the foundation of good values and good manners, including how to be honest, diligent, and respectful.

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Halos mga bata wala na paggalang sa mga authority inspite sa mga advise na binibigay sa kanila, wala pa rin. Kaya naisipan kong gumawa ng ganoon,” Vergara said.

DepEd Spokesperson Annalyn Sevilla lauds Vergara’s memo.

Many teachers are hoping that a similar memo will also be released in schools across the country to remind parents that educators are not magicians and could only reinforce what the children have already learned at home.

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  1. Yes, it’s very obserbable since the time teachers were prohibited to give any form of punishment to the students , plus the fact that their parents also tolerate them.

  2. True, for whatever the behavior of the child at school shows how parents train him /her at home. Accept the real fact, don’t blame the teachers of your child’s behavior especially if it shows unpleasing behavior.

    • Couldn’t agree more Ma’am Connie. Sometimes, the only thing the teacher could do is to pacify children’s behavior or to instill to them good manners which they didn’t learn first at home.

  3. We shoud also remember that our parents are our first teachers. The way we interact with people is a reflection of how we are trained at home.

  4. We should raised our children the way God wants them to be, to become God-fearing & love their neighbors by sharing, helping & caring to become a good Christian. Discipline them moderately to become good citizens of the nation.

  5. nasusulat…pls read Kawikaan 22:6 Turuan mo ang bata sa daan na dapat niyang lakaran,
    At pagka tumanda man siya ay hindi niya hihiwalayan. diyan ito magsisimula sa tahanan!

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