Daughter of ‘Padyak’ Driver Proudly Credits Dad for Success in Being Magna Cum Laude

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born to rich families. In fact, most people in the world were born poor and have to face difficult financial challenges while growing up, before they can find success later in life.

But many people have proven that poverty should not be used as excuse for not completing a college education.

Photo credit: Sandra Estefani Ramos / Facebook

Take for example Sandra Estefani Ramos, the daughter of a ‘padyak’ (pedicab) driver in Magarao, Camarines Sur. Despite her family’s difficult financial situation, she was able to live her dreams and graduated from college.

But she did not just graduate, she also did so with flying colors as she completed her degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Technology and Livelihood Education, as Magna Cum Laude at Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST)!

Photo credit: Sandra Estefani Ramos / Facebook

This future teacher proudly credits her success to her ‘padyak’ driver dad, saying he really is the real Magna Cum Laude. She thanks her father and mother for their hard work and sacrifice in sending her to school as she proudly tells him to bring her to school on her graduation day using their ‘padyak’!

Photo credit: Sandra Estefani Ramos / Facebook

It might not be a glamorous form of transportation yet the ‘padyak’ was the reason why their family survived these many years despite their poverty; thus, Sandra proudly rode the pedicab as she takes pride in her father’s noble job.

Indeed, they might not be rich but her dad did everything that he could to support them in a noble, honest way.

Photo credit: Sandra Estefani Ramos / Facebook

Sandra revealed that she had not told her parents about her being Magna Cum Laude right away as she wanted to surprise them – and they both cried upon learning the honor she would receive. It was beyond what they had expected of their daughter and they were both proud of her achievements.

Congratulations Sandra and to your proud parents!

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