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Dad Who Can’t Afford to Buy Bag for Son Makes Him an Impressive String Backpack

While it is often said that education is the key to success, actually sending kids to school is a big challenge for parents. Even if education in public schools is supposed to be free, there are still a lot of things that parents need to buy and pay for, including bags and school supplies.

One dad in Cambodia recently went viral for the impressive string backpack he made for his son.

Photo credit: Sophous Suon / Facebook

Ny Keng, 5, is a first-grade student at Lumphat Primary School in Lumphat, Battambang province in Cambodia. Just like many kids in the area, Keng is from a poor family who could barely make ends meet. He even goes to school barefoot.

Photo credit: Sophous Suon / Facebook

Keng’s father could not afford to buy a bag for his son, but this did not stop the man from finding ways to help his kid have something to use for school. Taking some raffia strings, a plant similar to abaca, this creative dad wove a bag for his son!

The results were quite awesome.

Photo credit: Sophous Suon / Facebook

Dyed blue, the raffia strings were carefully laid flat and woven together by this creative dad, completing a simple yet beautiful bag. He also put straps on the bag so the kid could use it as a backpack. There’s even a clasp to ensure that the bag can be closed.

Photo credit: Sophous Suon / Facebook

Keng’s teacher, Sophous Suon, was quite impressed by this bag, especially after learning that it was just created by the boy’s teacher. She snapped some photos which she posted on Facebook. Plenty of netizens were impressed as well, with many saying that this dad might be poor but he gave his son a priceless gift in that bag.

Knowing that Keng’s father does not have a lot of money, many netizens suggest that he make more bags and sell these for a tidy profit. Now that his story went viral, plenty of people just might want to buy bags like this or he could create other designs that older people might also use.

Photo credit: Sophous Suon / Facebook

Kudos to this dad for supporting his kid and making this beautiful bag to encourage him to go to school…

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