Dad Shares Son’s ‘Line-of-7’ Card, Still Expresses Pride in Boy’s ‘Achievements’

In a world where parents often post their children’s report cards on social to somewhat brag about their high grades and excellent teachers’ marks, there’s one dad who did the same but was feeling proud of his boy’s ‘achievements’ despite the kid actually receiving nearly failing marks!

The ‘line-of-7’ card had grades that barely had several marks past 75, yet dad E.i Baldo was actually quite happy with the boy’s performance.

Of course, some netizens said that it was possible this was a sarcastic post about his son’s grades, yet it seems to many that the father was really proud of his son. After all, all the grades were still above the 75% passing mark.

While he urged the kid to try a bit harder and perhaps make the grades go up to 79, yet this dad certainly does not pressure the boy to get high marks.

Photo credit: E.i. Baldo / Facebook

Other parents would have seen this card as near failure, yet this dad chose to look at the positive side of things and praised the kid for the passing marks. He also pointed out that he never really dreamed of going on stage to put medals for his kids; thus, he didn’t mind the low grades.

And while he isn’t planning to raise the so-called ‘over-achiever’, Baldo half-joked that this does not matter to him because the boy’s report card was really similar to his own back when he was the same age.

Congratulations anak nakapasa ka at grade 2 ka na next year. Galing mo! Napasaya mo ko lalo na ng sinabi mo na “dahan dahan lang po sa pag hawak ng report card kasi nakaka putol po ng daliri” (puro pala kasi palakol comedy ka rin) ok lang anak ganyan din naman report card ko nung araw parang throw back lang to.

Saka di ko naman pinangarap na magsabit ng medal sa stage bili na lang tayo sa recto at wala rin naman akong ipapamanang talino sayo. Pag igihan na lang natin next year baka sakali maka 79% na tayo. Saka yung 76% di biro yan ha lagpas pa rin yun sa passing na 75% yun kung baga may allowance pa..

Good job parin sayo anak kahit accelerated ka lang sa grade 1 at sa dami ng absent at late mo nakapasa parin.. #proudfather #likefatherlikeson #nomedalnoproblem #kaygandangbuhay #GodsGraceissufficient #opposingviews

Photo credit: E.i. Baldo / Facebook

Would you still congratulate your child if he/she comes home to these grades?

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