Child Saved by Doctor for Free, Now Aspires to Also Become a Doctor to Serve Others

She had been a sickly baby who was in and out of hospitals, but when a doctor operated on her for free, the child’s life became better and she’s now a teenager who aspires to also become a doctor to serve others.

The baby was identified as May Arabella Garciano, now a senior high school student at the Tagbilaran City High School. When she was still a baby, her parents had no idea where to find money to get her treated after learning she had a cyst on her chest.

Knowing they had nowhere else to turn to, Arabella’s parents prayed for a miracle – and the miracle came in the hands of a compassionate doctor who operated on the child for free. The operation saved the baby’s life, giving her a chance to live a better life.

Photo credit: Twitter / @bellagarciano

17 years ago, a sickly baby needed an operation because she has a cyst on her chest. The mother only has ₱40 on her wallet. But this doctor operated the child. For free.

And that is why I need to become a doctor. I need to share the same kindness I was lucky enough to receive,” Arabella shared on Twitter, posting a photo with the doctor.

The teen was finally able to meet the kind doctor who saved her life 17 years ago.

A pediatric surgeon at University of Cebu Medical Center in Cebu City, Dr. Maribel Du took pity on Arabella when she was still a baby. While she could have told the parents that she would operate on the kid and let them pay later, she simply didn’t charge them anything for the service.

Photo credit: Twitter / @bellagarciano

Thanks to this kind doctor’s compassionate deed, the baby grew up to be a kind young lady who also aspires to be a doctor. Just as a doctor had saved her life, Arabella hopes to also become one so it would be her turn to save lives. Isn’t that awesome?

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