Brother Swaps Pants with Sister’s Skirt So She Can Meet Dress Code for College Entrance Test

One ‘kuya’ was just accompanying his sister to take the college entrance test but ended up a hero after swapping his pants for her skirt so she can meet the dress code! Would you also willingly do that? For their sisters, many guys said they would!

Jann Christian Bungcaras, 25, accompanied his younger sister, 18-year-old sister Jea who is a STEM Grade 12 student from University of San Carlos in Cebu City, to take the entrance exams at Velez College, also in the same city.

Photo credit: Jann-marco Christian Bungcaras / Facebook

They arrived at the school at 7:40AM and still had plenty of time to spare for the 8AM test. But Jea was not allowed in the testing center because she was wearing a skirt. Jann explained that his sister’s skirt actually reached her knees but, apparently, skirts are not allowed but his sister thought that only shorts were prohibited.

They tried to beg the examiners to let Jea in, but they were bound by the school’s rules and couldn’t let her in. While they tried to continue asking for some leeway since they had no other options as their house is far, Jann had the brilliant idea of swapping his pants with Jea’s skirt.

Photo credit: Jann-marco Christian Bungcaras / Facebook

After learning that the examinees needed to be at their respective rooms at 7:50AM, the siblings rushed to find the comfort room so they can switch their outfits.

Jann explained:

“When my sister came out her room with that skirt, I immediately asked her if it was permitted. She told me that only shorts were not allowed, and because the skirt was knee length for her, I thought it will be okay.

Her exam was schedule at 8am and we arrived at Velez at about 7:40am. The security refused to let us in and even called the In-charge for student affairs for permission. Me and my sister insisted that we thought shorts were the only ones not allowed.

There were already three people talking to us, and told us they cannot allow her to take the test without the permission of their head. I overheard that they need to be in their respective rooms by 7:50am. There was no feedback from the head yet and we were battling time.

Photo credit: Jann-marco Christian Bungcaras / Facebook

So like Kathniss from Hunger Games I volunteered to lend her my pants and dragged my sister were the restrooms are and stripped my pants off without hesitation by the door so that she can change in the restroom. Everything happened fast, I was in my boxers in front of everyone. After my sister got my pants on she gave me her skirt for cover up. She took a picture of me probably to give to our parents and rushed to her room on time.

When I went out the restroom in her skirt, there were 4 students who were late and they needed to reschedule the first part of the exams. So the switcharoo was worth it.”

Photo credit: Jann-marco Christian Bungcaras / Facebook

Thanks to her kuya’s sacrifice, Jea was able to take the test. While Jann spent the entire day in his sister’s skirt, he didn’t mind because he was happy that she was able to take the test and, hopefully, pass so she can study at the school she wanted to be in. Kudos, Jann!

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