Boy Who Lost Entire Family to Fire Writes Heartbreaking Answer to Teacher’s Assignment

A young boy who lost his entire family to fire wrote a heartbreaking answer to his teacher’s assignment – and his story would also break hearts on the internet.

Arnold Legara Cuevas is a teacher at T. Awad Echevarria Elementary School in Barangay Mandug, Buhangin, Davao City. He gave his students a simple assignment that would soon break his heart.

Photo credit: Arnold Legara Cuevas / Facebook

He wrote on Facebook:

Assignment: Magbigay ng larawan kasama ang iyong Pamilya.

Rheann Khinn Cabahog: Ang aking Pamilya na ngayon ay nasa heaven na.

Photo credit: Arnold Legara Cuevas / Facebook

In his essay to explain the picture he submitted to his teacher, the kid wrote:

Ang aking pamilya noon ay saya-saya naming nagsisimba kami. Kumakain sa labas. Pero dumating ang araw na bigla akong lumongkot kasi ang Mama at Papa ko ay kinuha ni God. Pati mga kapatid ko iniwan na nila akong nag-iisa. Super lungkot ng buhay ko.

Surprised at the boy’s answer, he called the kid up to ask him about what he wrote.

Photo credit: Arnold Legara Cuevas / Facebook

Rheann told his teacher that he lost his family to a fire just this year, on March 12. According to him, his parents and younger siblings were sleeping when their house in Isabela caught fire.

He was the only who survived in his family because he was not there when the fire happened. At the time, he was living with his grandparents. He would have also been included in that fire if his teacher, Josephine Echavez Sumarago, did not put her foot down and told his parents not to get him yet as he should complete the school year before moving to another place.

Photo credit: Arnold Legara Cuevas / Facebook

It was a blessing in disguise as the kid was not included in the fire; however, it was also a heartbreaking thought for the kid.

When asked by the teacher how he is feeling now, the kid said that he still feels sad and that he misses his family so much but he is also happy that he is in Davao City, loved by many people such as his grandparents, friends, and teachers in school.

Stay strong, Rheann!

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