Boy Gives Up Seat for Lady with Baby, Uses His Hand as Pillow for His Tired Mom

A young boy earned praise on social media after he was seen using his hand as pillow for his tired mom who fell asleep as they rode the train. But it turned out this kid had another chivalrous deed just minutes earlier as he gave up his seat for a lady with a baby!

Oftentimes, the younger generations are accused of being selfish and only thinking about themselves, particularly when it comes to making themselves comfortable at home or when traveling. But one boy went viral for the kindness and chivalry he showed for his mom and another commuter.

The boy from China was traveling with his mother who was obviously so tired that she fell asleep almost immediately after they sat down. According to eyewitness accounts, the kid had also been sitting beside his mother, but quickly stood up moments later when a woman entered the train carriage, pushing a stroller with a baby.

Photo credit: RachFeed

Seeing that his mother’s head was resting on the cold, hard metal pole, the boy gently moved her head and rested it on his hand. What a sweet young man!

The kind boy earned praise on social media, with many netizens commenting that though she appears to be ignoring him at the moment because she is too tired, his mother definitely raised him well! He wouldn’t be such a kind, chivalrous young man if his parents didn’t teach him to be one, many netizens commented.

In this age of “Generation Me” wherein the young ones are accused of only thinking of “me” (themselves), it is truly impressive to see a young boy like this one who doesn’t hesitate to help others in need, whether his family or strangers.

Kudos to you, young man!

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