Aspiring Teacher Passes LET after Eight Tries, Shares Story to Inspire Others

“Try and try until you succeed.”

Failure can easily upset people, leading many to feel discouraged. Many don’t bother trying again after experiencing failure, especially if a lot of people had been expecting that they would succeed and even excel on the first try. Yet there is no deadline for achieving one’s dreams!

An aspiring teacher recently went viral after she passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) after eight tries!

Photo credit: Nelma M. Dahimulla / Facebook

Nelma M. Dahimulla shared the story to inspire others and encourage them to never stop trying, no matter how hard things can be.

A graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Agri-Fishery arts, Dahimulla took the LET with high optimism. Just like many other graduates who take the board exams, she was hoping to pass the licensure exam and become a licensed professional teacher.

But things did not happen as she had hoped they would. Instead of passing the LET, she only got a rating of 68%. While she admitted that this hurt a lot, she was able to easily move on as she told herself she should not feel so bad because it was her first time to take the test; she wasn’t able to review much at the time and she was probably nervous while taking the test.

Photo credit: Nelma M. Dahimulla / Facebook

Yet she still didn’t pass on her next try or the next and the next one after that. She tried her best yet she just couldn’t get the hang of it. Dahimulla lamented how she was able to get a rating of 74.20% once – and it hurt more than the others because she had almost made it!

According to Dahimulla, she tried her best to hide the pain from her family because she knows they are also feeling bad for her.

Nakakadown talaga yung ganun yung tipong paglabas ng result gusto mong umiyak sa harap ng parents mo at sabihin na bagsak kana naman kasi you can see in their faces kung gano sila kalungkot for you pero Hindi tatawa lang ako at sabihin lang may exam pa naman ulit,” she wrote on Facebook.

Then, she decided to enroll at a review center. Thanks to the many words of encouragement from the lecturers, aside from the lessons, Dahimulla was more motivated to try her best to achieve her dreams – and she was finally able to do it!

Photo credit: Nelma M. Dahimulla / Facebook

After 4 years of trying and eight (8) takes, Dahimulla is finally a licensed professional teacher! Congratulations! Kudos for not giving up.

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