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Another Teacher in Hot Water for Making Students Use Open Umbrellas to Prevent Cheating

How should teachers stop their students from cheating during exams? This is a huge challenge to many, especially because the students are becoming more creative in finding ways to dodge their teacher’s eagle eyes!

Recently, a teacher in India went viral for smugly smiling as she made her students wear boxes to prevent them from cheating. Netizens think it was inappropriate and the school has apologized, but it seems that she’s not the only one with a similar idea.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Coconuts Bangkok

In Thailand, another teacher is in hot water for making his students use open umbrellas to prevent them from cheating during a test. At a high school in Songkhla province, a teacher was so fed up with his students still cheating on the tests that he tried a rather unconventional way of stopping their plans.

The unnamed teacher told his students to open their umbrellas as they took the test. He was pictured in front of the class, adding instructions to the students. Again, while there were those who agreed with the teacher that this is a necessary measure to stop the kids from cheating, others think it is inhumane.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Coconuts Bangkok

After drawing flak over the photos, a school official reportedly defended the teacher and said that it was not his intention to shame his class or make them feel uncomfortable while taking the test. According to the school staff, who didn’t want to be named as he/she was not the official spokesperson, the teacher found the opportunity to use the umbrellas as deterrent for cheating because it was raining that day.

When the kids came inside the class with their umbrellas, the teacher thought it was the perfect tool to cover them while taking the test. But the move was met with criticism by the public…

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