Angry Student with Failing Grade Warns Teacher He’ll Also Fail Teacher at Evaluation

Grades might not be the only measure of a student’s performance in class, but one student showed his true colors after the teacher gave him a bad mark. His reaction to the bad grade didn’t go well as he warned his teacher that he would also give him a failing mark at the evaluation!

Paul Pascual, a teacher at PLMar Senior High School Department in Marikina City, was shocked to receive a message from his student who received a failing mark. It was made to sound like a joke, but the teacher was greatly saddened by the student’s message.

Sir, dahil binagsak mo ko, babagsak din kita sa evaluation. Char!” the student warned.

Teacher Paul Pascual; Photo credit: Paul Pascual / Facebook

The laughing emoji did make it appear as a joke, but the teacher took the moment to use the student’s message to teach a life lesson to other students. He told the student, and all other students in general, that he is not afraid to get a failing mark at the teacher’s evaluation because the real measure of his effectivity is not that piece of paper but the effort he put in teaching his students.

I don’t care. Hindi ako takot. Ang tunay kong evaluation ay ikaw. Kahit mataas nga ako sa evaluation pero wala naman ako nagawa para matuto ka. I still failed as a teacher. Paper lang yon. Ibigay mo na lang yung perfect rating sa mga teachers mo na ‘di nagtuturo pero puro line of 9 magbigay. Wala ako pakialam,” Teacher Paul explained.

Take note, hindi kita binagsak. Binagsak mo ang sarili mo, by not complying and meeting the deadlines. Do not blame me. I’m more than willing to teach sa summer or magbackload ka sakin for free. So There.

Photo credit: Paul Pascual / Facebook

The teacher’s post gained support from many netizens who told students to do better in class and work on their assignments so they would get good grades. Threatening to fail a teacher at the evaluation is definitely not a good idea…

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