After Spending All Money in Research, Students Go Viral for Simple Snacks for Panelists

Students are expected to do their best in school. When it comes to making their research reports and thesis, they are also expected to do everything they can to work on the project. Then, the students are also expected to impress a panel of judges with their work. Better presentations of prepared students clearly get better grades from the panelists.

Plus, these students are also expected to provide some snacks or tokens for the panelists who took their time off from their busy schedules to grade their work. And while a lot of students end up spending a good amount of money to also impress the panelists with delicious snacks, a team recently went viral for the simple snacks they served the panel of judges.

Wala na, ubos na pera namin sa research eh,” student Rogelio Auguis posted on his Facebook account, sharing a photo of the snacks that he and his team could afford to give the panelists: a bottle of water and a small pack of cheap biscuits.

Photo credit: Rogelio Auguis

But his honest post would quickly go viral, with many netizens telling them that the snacks don’t really matter – it is their work in the research paper and how they defended it that truly matters more to the panelists!

Moreover, others pointed out that though the panelists might expect a bit of good snacks and token of appreciation for their time, most would definitely understand that students don’t have a lot of money. The simple snacks Auguis and his team served the panelists showed for certain that they did not have more money to buy a more impressive meal, but at least they tried!

Plus, these panelists had been students in their younger years – and could, most certainly, relate with the struggling students’ dilemma…

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