Admirable Student Sets Up ‘Honesty Store’ to Send Himself and Four Siblings to School

A student from Davao City has gained praise on social media after he set up an ‘honesty store’ to send himself and his four siblings to school!

Joenel Malanog is a first-year entrepreneurship student at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) in Davao City, Davao del Sur.

Photo credit: Sun Star Davao

Just like many students in the Philippines, Malanog hails from a poor family who could barely afford to send him to school. With four other siblings also studying, Malanog knew he had to do something to help his parents earn money.

So, during his free time, Malanog sells various food items in the school. He was not ashamed to bring a box of ice candy and another box containing food to sell to his schoolmates and even to the teachers.

Photo credit: Joenel Malanog / Facebook

He has become a popular figure in school for the food he sells inside the campus. But as his schedule became tighter, the young man found it difficult to find time to sell his goods. Still, he needs to earn money because his extra income does not just go to himself, it is also used to send his four siblings to school.

Photo credit: Maric Gavino / Facebook

To solve this dilemma, Malanog decided to open an ‘honesty store’ inside the campus. Through the honesty, Malanog is able to still sell his goods and earn money even while he is attending his classes.

Photo credit: Sun Star Davao

The store, set up inside the campus, is certainly a test of honesty for everyone. There’s no one manning the store and you have to pay up based on prices Malanog placed on sign boards at his ‘honest store’.

Amazingly, everyone seemed to be honest in this school. At the end of the school day, Malanog collects his stuff and the money he earned. His ‘honesty store’ actually works!

Photo credit: Maric Gavino / Facebook

For his innovative idea, Malanog earned praise from netizens and USEP Vice President for Academic Affairs Shirley Villanueva. But the honest students of the school were also praised. After all, this endeavor would not be a success if not everyone is honest.

Good job, everyone!

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