World Bank Expert: You Want Good Quality Teachers? Give Them Better Pay!

World Bank education specialist Javier Luque believes that teachers should have better salaries and must receive bonuses at par with those offered in other professions, especially considering that they require the same level of training and dedication.

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He believes that one of the ways that schools could get good quality teachers is for them to get paid right!

Teaching is like a very flat profession because you will stay in the classroom and be doing the same thing year after year, so successful teaching systems create tracks for teachers. They see some progress as they get more experience,” Luque explained.

Having the right salary will surely help the teacher make ends meet. With less problems to worry about in terms of financial constraints, the teachers can focus more on what they are supposed to do: teach.


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Under the third tranche of the Salary Standardization Law (SSL), teachers were paid a minimum of Php20,179 for Salary Grade 11 in 2018. Those with higher ranks and longer tenure get more than this amount, yet many believe the teachers’ salaries are still too small compared with other professions.

The teaching salary has to be similar at least to other professions that require similar levels of trading and dedication…. We also make sure that there is some rewards to experience in teaching that is also comparable to what happens in other careers,” the World Bank expert added.

In support of Luque, many netizens pointed out that teachers do need the salary increase, especially considering the fact that there would be no professionals if there were no teachers.

Bonus and Perks

Aside from increasing their salary, Luque believes teachers should also get various bonuses and perks for excellent performance – similar to what workers receive in other industries. This could motivate them to be more productive.

However, Luque pointed out that the government should be careful when making guidelines about the bonuses and perks to ensure that the reforms in education and teachers’ salaries will always prioritize student learning.


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Indeed, this should be the case or more schools would end up with no failing students in each grade/year level but many of the learners don’t even know the basics of reading and writing!

The Department of Education (DepEd) is also studying the possibility of promotions being based on teachers’ competencies instead of the traditional practice of waiting for vacancies to happen.


  1. So true. I really agree with what has been said. There are very hardworking teachers out there wjo really deserve a better salary. Teaching make all other professions and that is why i also feel that we can be paid better as what we get.

  2. what about us,Child Development Workers or commonly called the Day Care Teachers?
    When will we be recognized by the government?
    we are very sad with how we are paid…but we are dedicated to our work as foundation of the learning of children…

  3. Aside from getting higher salary, the working hours of teachers should be only 4 hours since 2 hours per load is needed for preparation snd post lecture. That is one hour to prepare your visual or audio aids and other needed materials, and an hour after the lecture to check papers or evaluate your class’ response/problems in the subject. We can truly be assured of quality teaching if enough time is dedicated to pre and post lecture.
    Teachong is a difficult task. One needs passion and preparation to ensure that the students learn. Teachers work dont end after the day. They continue to thinks of ways and means to bring the message across to their students.
    Teachers help prepare children to face their future with confidence and the right skills.

  4. Teachers are jack of all trade inside and out of the classroom. Being already in the field, I’m very grateful if this thing “salary increase” will come true. To God be the glory!

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