‘Teacher Protection Act’ Aims to Protect Teachers from ‘Bad Students’, Passes on Second Reading

Many teachers, particularly those working in public schools, face the dilemma of trying to instill discipline in their students because a lot of so-called ‘bad students’ could easily turn the tables on them, accusing them of maltreatment.

With the aim to protect teachers from ‘bad students’ and saving them from unfair cases, party-list ACT Teachers Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro filed the “Teacher Protection Act”, house bill 9065.

We filed the teacher protection bill in response to the clamor of teachers having a hard time in instilling discipline in their classrooms,” Tinio explained.

With large class sizes, multiple shifts each day, and the heavier and additional tasks they have to assume, many teachers can attest that instilling discipline in their classrooms has become increasingly difficult.

A lot of parents expect that teachers will instill discipline in their children because they find that difficult to do at home; yet many of them also complain when teachers do impose discipline on the kids. Some even file charges against the teacher.

Classroom management is a process of creating and maintaining appropriate behavior of students in classroom settings. There is a lack of institutional support in the form of standards and the permissible and effective methods of instilling discipline, guidance counselors to act as support personnel, and legal assistance and representation for our teachers,” Castro explained.

This bill seeks to amend RA 7610 insofar as any act committed by a teacher or school staff pursuant to the disciplinary rules and procedure issued by the Department of Education shall not be deemed as ‘child abuse’ and to lay down institutionalized support mechanisms for teachers and school personnel in matters of classroom management and discipline.

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Considering that most teachers handle dozens of students per day, aside from the many additional tasks like reports and evaluations they need to submit, it is important that they are also given protection from bad students who could easily get away because there are still minors.

While child protection is imperative, teacher protection is also a must. Especially with the work conditions and the additional work that teachers have to accomplish everyday, clear guidelines on effective methods of classroom management would be a great help for teachers to not get charged of violating RA 7610,” Tinio concluded.

This bill is a product of many consultations with public school teachers nationwide. We urge Congress for the swift passage of this bill into law,” Castro added.

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With the approval of the Teacher Protection Act on its second reading in Congress, both are hoping this would pass into law soon, for the benefit of all teachers.

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