Teacher Discovers GSIS Loan Didn’t Get Any Payments, Even If Pay Slips Show Deductions

A teacher was surprised to discover that the loan she took from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has increased to several thousands of pesos and that she was already being charged penalties for not paying her loan. The problem is that her pay slips actually showed the loan payments have been deducted from her salary!

Normita Bangga sought help from the “Tapat Na Po!” program of ABS-CBN News over the problems with her unpaid loan. The teacher feared that she might not have enough money when she retires in a few years because of this problem with her loan.

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Despite the loan deductions appearing on her pay slip every month, no payments made it to her GSIS loan; thus, she now has to pay several thousands of pesos more in surcharges for late payments.

Photo credit: Tapat Na Po! / YouTube

According to Wilfredo Cabral, the OIC at the Office of the Regional Director in DepEd NCR, the reason why the teacher did not have deductions from her account to pay the GSIS is that they did not receive a “Notice to Deduct”. This document is important in ensuring the payment is deducted from Bangga’s account.

Cabral said that they checked the records for the entire 2012 but found no entry bearing Bangga’s name.

Photo credit: Tapat Na Po! / YouTube

But Nora Malubay, the executive vice president of GSIS Core Business Sector, contradicted the DepEd officer’s statement. GSIS records showed that they have been sending the said notice to the DepEd Division of Muntinlupa since 2012, throughout her loan term from April 2012 to June 2018.

Photo credit: Tapat Na Po! / YouTube

According to the GSIS, it is possible that the DepEd paid the teacher’s loans to private institutions first.

Left with no choice as she feared that she might not get her retirement pay, Bangga decided to have the loan payments deducted immediately. However, Malubay suggested that the teacher wait for the GSIS announcement regarding the loan condonation program so she wouldn’t have to pay for the penalties and surcharges imposed on her delinquent loan.

Photo credit: Tapat Na Po! / YouTube

To teachers and government workers out there, make sure to check your GSIS records to ensure you are actually paying for your loans!

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  1. Gsis is really corrupt! It’s like a huge frying pan toasting the every inch of teachers’ struggles for thier life. It’s time to dump now the gsis.

  2. Since I entered the service in 1996 till my early retirement in 2018,that had always been my problem with GSIS,paying a loan that always accumulate surcharges despite the monthly deduction in the payroll…then came the conso-loan,same banana!The advice?apply for a re-loan to update records and that was what I exactly did in 2014 but still same banana because after almost 4 years of payments came a letter that I owe the system an amount I couldn’t take in.It doesn’t need a genius to do simple math…still the advice?apply for a re-loan which was impossible because my retirement papers were already in their hands…I am not alone with this kind of problem…I wish DepED separates from them.

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