Teacher Confiscates Phones after Catching Students Playing ML in Class, Lets Them Watch Heroes Fail

These days, students have to deal with a lot of distractions – and the biggest form of that comes right in their pockets: smartphones! More often than not, these students are hooked on their gadgets and could not seem to control themselves as they constantly check their phones for social media updates or enjoy some games.

Many are so hooked on those things that they just can’t resist the temptation even while they are in class. Instead of listening to their teachers, many of them choose to hide at the back and pretend they were studying their books but are actually on their phones.

This has become a huge challenge for teachers.

Photo credit: Lady Majalia Amor Diaz / Facebook

Lady Majalia Amor Diaz caught some students playing “Mobile Legends” in her tenth-grade class at Sta. Lucia High School in Pasig City where she was a practice teacher. She confiscated the phones but let the game continue while the owners watch in dismay as their heroes failed.

Many people agreed with the teacher but there were many who believe it was too harsh of her to do this.

Diaz explained that though she confiscated the phones from the students, she actually returned the items after the class ended. She did not also confiscate the phones from random students.

Photo credit: Lady Majalia Amor Diaz / Facebook

According to the 20-year-old teacher, she always tells her class to keep their cellphones during class hours so they could focus on their lessons. That day, however, she caught the same students playing with their smartphones while they are having a lecture.

Three times they did this, and three times she told them to keep their phones – and they would actually do, but only for a while. Some minutes later, they would find a way to get the phones from their bags. Diaz went to another group to check their activity but came back to find the three using their phones again!

It was last straw for the young teacher. She took the phones from the students and let them watch their heroes fail big time.

Photo credit: Lady Majalia Amor Diaz / Facebook

Diaz explained that though she is not against the use of smartphones and playing online games like Mobile Legends, she believes there is a proper venue for everything – and the classroom, in the middle of the lecture, is certainly not the proper time to play the game.

For her detractors, Diaz said that the understands their point but explained that being a teacher is a big challenge and so tiresome, yet it is more difficult still to keep on reprimanding students. She hopes that students will learn to listen and respect their teachers, adding that discipline should start at home.

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