Teacher Brings Own Biometric Scanner to Check Her Students’ Attendance in School

Teachers deal with so many challenges these days, like the debate on the “no-homework” policy, the call for pay hike, and other issues.

But there are also a lot of things they have to deal with in their classrooms. Tardiness and absenteeism have long been problems for teachers of all ages, particularly in high school and older students.

Seeing the need for an innovative way to make her students go to her class early and stay there until the end of the period, a teacher in Polomolok would invest in a biometric scanner and install this in her classroom!

Photo credit: When in Manila

Ms. Amyfil L. Balonon of Poblacion Polomolok National High School in Polomolok, South Cotabato recently went viral for her technologically advanced way of checking her students’ attendance.

With the use of this biometrics scanner, she gets to check the attendance of her students in Grade 11 ICT B Division of South Cotabato without writing anything on her class record. While the scanner is an out-of-pocket expense that is not likely to be reimbursed by her school, she is able to make her job lighter and focus on the lessons.

In the past students could trick their teachers during attendance check by asking friends to say they are present or have their names listed in the attendance sheet. This works particularly in classes with many students and the teacher is busy that he/she simply passes a paper around for the students to sign.

But that trick won’t work with the biometrics scanner installed. No one else could login/logout for a student, except the student himself/herself.

Photo credit: When in Manila

Knowing this, the students are encouraged to be in their class early – and stick around until the end of the period to logout or else they could be tagged for cutting classes.

Good work, Teacher Amyfil! We could only wish the day would come when schools could afford to install this in all classrooms… Hope that happens soon!

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