TDC Calls For 6-Hour Work Day For Teachers

Just like the students, teachers also suffer a lot because of the excessive workloads that are given to them. They work from the morning up to the very last hours of the day. And ‘rest’ is rarely included in their vocabulary.

Actually, there are even cases of sui* cid*s among teachers because some of them cannot withstand the big responsibility that is bestowed upon them. Taking in the works as a teacher, as a family member, and as a friend all at the same time is indeed hard.

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN News Patrol

This pushed the Teacher Dignity Coalition (TDC) to call for a 6-hour work day for teachers, so as to alleviate the physical and mental stress they are receiving. They urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to release a guideline on the implementation of a 6-hour work day.

Public school teachers in the Philippines render 8-hour of services per workday. This means that they have to stay in school preparing their lessons, teaching their students, taking accountability on all school activities, working endlessly, and yet, they still receive the salary that is less than what they deserve.

If they have to work for only 6 hours, then they would have more time doing other stuff. Also, along with lessening the time of their work, it will also be helpful if their unnecessary workloads would be reduced. With this being said, teachers may be more efficient than they are today, making it easy for them to enforce a quality education.

Those who know how to appreciate have already seen the hardships and sacrifices of a teacher. And those who care enough know well that it is already time to help teachers, even by just reducing the length of their work day.

Teachers had already done us a lot of favors which happen to always be ignored, or worse, forgotten. The simple act of reducing their burden is not that difficult. A little move from 8 hours to 6 hours could make a big impact to teachers, and won’t cost too much to the government. Besides, by being a teacher it means you have to work for extended hours and sometimes, you even have to bring home the rest of your work after a long day of teaching a bunch of students.

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