Student Complains about ‘Fresh Grad’ Teachers’ ‘Nagre-report Lang’ Teaching Style

A student recently complained about ‘fresh grad’ teachers’ ‘nagre-report lang’ teaching style, urging universities to stop hiring these new instructors. But the post received backlash, with more people taking the ‘fresh grad’ teachers’ side and telling this student to stop complaining, instead.

The complaint was part of what appears to be a bulletin board with a title “Hugot Scholar”. There were many post-it notes on that bulletin board, but one really caught the attention of Adrian Santiago, a student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education – English at Bestlink College of the Philippines, a school in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Photo credit: Chris Domingo / Adrian Santiago – Facebook

Santiago could not help but react to the post, despite not being a teacher yet! He sided with the teachers, posting a scathing remark against whoever created this post-it note on that bulletin board. He was rather surprised at this student’s attitude towards ‘fresh grad’ teachers.

“Kaya pala sobrang strict ng mga professors namin, ganito na pala ang attitude ng mga 21st Century Learners o Gen Z na mahilig mag post ng Tik Tok Videos sa IG at FB,” Santiago wrote.

Una sa lahat, mali ang pamamaraan ng pagdulog mo sa problema. Kung sinabi mo sa facilitator mo na “Sir, pakiulit naman po ng diniscuss niyo, slow learner po kasi ako.” Edi sana walang problema. Hindi naman bobo yang guro mo. Uulitin niya yan kasi special ka.”

He also advised the student to use modern resources to learn, instead of using his/her load for online games. Moreover, he pointed out that these ‘fresh grads’ are actually licensed professional teachers who passed the board exams!

Photo credit: Chris Domingo / Adrian Santiago – Facebook

“Ikalawa, kung hindi ka satisfied sa guro mo, learner-centered po tayo, yung GoSurf50 mo po wag mo i-pang Mobile Legends. One click away lang po ang mga information na need mo para matuto, lapit lang kay Mr. Google.

Ikatlo, ang mga fresh grads po natin bukod sa 4 years na pag-aaral sa kolehiyo, pasado po yan sa LET, nagreview at nagbayad ng 7 kwits sa CBRC tapos babastusin mo lang.”

He also added a hilarious ‘advise’ at the end.

Panghuli, kapag papasok sa school wag kalimutang tumae. Kidding aside, iwanan mo ang squammy attitude sa bahay. Pwede ba?

A lot of people agreed with Santiago, saying that learners and students these days want everything to be easy for them and that they always complain if things don’t go the way they want them to be.

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