Teachers in Camarines Norte No Longer Need to Prepare Lesson Plans Starting SY 2019-2020

The Schools Division Office of Camarines Norte will not require teachers to prepare Lesson Plans and Daily Lesson Logs (DLLs) effective this School Year 2019-2020 as reported by 102.9 Brigada News Fm.

Teachers all over the said division will instead use “ready-made” lesson plans courtesy of the Division Office of Camarines Norte. The use of “ready-made” lesson plans aims to lessen the workload of teachers.

Photo credits: Sir Ron Yabut

In an interview with Brigada News FM, Camarines Norte Schools Division Superintendent Nene Merioles said that the time when teachers have to write long lesson plans is finally over.

With the ready-made lesson plan, the period of teaching for different topics are already indicated and the teacher will just have to write down the date when the topics were actually taught.

SDS Merioles also added that the division’s move to put an end on an era where teachers still have to write lesson plans, is not just to ease the burden on the part of teachers but also to help them provide quality education to the learners.

“We did that initiative para matulungan yung aming mga guro at ma- ensured that we will really deliver the quality of educational services that our learners deserve, kaya magpo- focus na lang talaga sila on delivering the lesson”, said Merioles

Since “ready-made” lesson plans are now available, teachers at SDO Camarines Norte can focus on creating their instructional materials and on doing their primary job which is to teach.

Photo credits: Screenshot from Facebook / Brigada News FM

Aside from SDO Camarines Norte, several divisions are also being expected to follow the said initiative as there’s a growing clamor from the teachers all over the country regarding the amount of workload they carry on their shoulders.

Do you agree that teachers should be given “ready-made” lesson plans instead of requiring them to write their own LPs? Let us know in the comment section.

Source/Credits: 102.9 Brigada News Fm Daet, Camarines Norte / Sir Ron Yabut


  1. I agree that teachers should be given a copy of Daily Lesson Plan. hopefully I will have a copy of the Grade 1 lesson plans

  2. Pls inform sec leonor briones for this strategic and helpful way of teaching that can lessen the burdens of most of the teachers for the said quality eduction she impose. I’m hoping that it will implement nationwide not only in cam north.

  3. Yes I agree, thanks for sharing this,but I hope that the teachers will surely deliver high quality teaching execution and hoping for nationwide implementation💚💛💖

  4. That is great! At least new teachers have something to use already. But I hope it does not stiffle teachers’ initiative to improve on them and/or adapt to the needs of their students.

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