Public School Teachers to Get Salary Increase, But Asked to ‘Wait a Little Longer’

During the PDP-Laban campaign rally held in Plaza Independencia, Cebu City, President Rodrigo Duterte promised teachers that he would double their salary just like what he did to the police and other uniformed personnel. The only catch is that teachers have to ‘wait a little longer’ because the budget is not yet sufficient to bankroll the massive increases.

The President has long been promising to increase the wages of public school teachers; though this promise has not been fulfilled yet due to budget constraints. Yet he had repeatedly told teachers that he is not lying about the planned increase, especially because his mother had been a teacher.

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For the teachers, just wait a little because we don’t have the budget for that yet. But your salaries will be doubled just like with the police. My mother was a teacher too,” he said during the campaign rally in Cebu City back in February 2019.

Prioritizing the Uniformed Personnel?

When the salaries of the police and uniformed personnel were increased to twice the old rate, a lot of sectors got angry because they felt that the President was ‘paying’ them to ensure they won’t support an uprising against him.

A lot of sectors believed they deserved to be prioritized, particularly the teachers and those in the medical field like doctors and nurses.

With the teachers being the ones responsible for the education of all the students in the Philippines who would later become soldiers, doctors, policemen, engineers, and other professionals, teachers definitely deserve to be treated with much respect – and should have salaries to match those received by the professionals they once taught!

Photo credit: Asia Nikkei

But Duterte explained that he prioritized the police and uniformed personnel since they are the frontliners in the country’s national security. He assured teachers they are next in line. The President said he already talked with Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno about the proposed salary adjustment for public school teachers.

Would the public school teachers’ salaries be doubled in 2020? Let’s wait and see…

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