No More Cutting Classes? School in Imus Implements Automated Entrance Security

An elementary school in Imus, Cavite went viral after implementing an automated entrance security that lets students scan their IDs on a machine at the entrance to the school. The system was design for the children’s security – and even gives parents peace of mind!

After the student logs in or out on the machine using his/her school ID, the system sends an automated text message to parents regarding the information processed. This means that parents are now able to monitor when their kids arrived in school and when the kids go out! Wow.

Photo credit: Philippine Star / Facebook

The system is being implemented at Tanzang Luma V Elementary School in Imus, Cavite. So far, it has received mostly positive feedback from parents who were happy that they could now monitor their children and ensure that they don’t cut classes.

While the system is not fail-proof, netizens are happy that this is possible and was proven to work in this school. Many parents from other places are actually hoping that the same system would also be implemented in other schools.

Photo credit: Philippine Star / Facebook

No more cutting classes! Tanzang Luma V Elementary School in Imus, Cavite automates its school entrance security by implementing a system that sends a text message to the parents of the students whenever their kids enter and exit the school premises,” the Facebook post on the Philippine Star stated.

The post has received mostly positive reactions from netizens as well; though some netizens are laughing at the ‘cutting classes’ part, commenting that the students might still climb the fences at the back of the school if they wanted. But others pointed out that since the system requires both log in and log out, the students would think twice before trying to escape.

Photo credit: Philippine Star / Facebook

What do you think of this automated entrance system using kids’ ID? Should all schools make use of the system?

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