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Nevada Needs Pinoy Teachers, Offers $40,900 (Php2.1M) Annual Salary

Knowing how brilliant and compassionate Filipino teachers are, the Clark County School District (CCSD) in southern Nevada is seeking to hire Pinoy special education (SPEd) teachers to fill up dozens of vacancies across the district.

Nevada has already hired dozens of teachers since the job program was launched in 2017. The district recently accepted 57 SPEd teachers, the third batch since the program was launched; however, Nevada still needs more Pinoy teachers!

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To make sure they are best equipped to handle the job and know what to expect, successful applicants will still undergo a refresher course and intensive training program on individualized lesson planning of students with special needs as well as classroom management.

We follow the same curriculum with the U.S. standards and the Philippine standards. That’s the advantage of the Filipino teachers so they can teach anywhere else,” explained Dr. Michael Santa Juana of the Filipino American Educators of Nevada.

With so many Filipinos seeking greener pastures and higher pays abroad, many were happy to learn that the starting salary for this job is at $40,900 (around Php2.1 million) a year.

Photo credit: Balitang America TFC / YouTube

Moreover, under the cultural integration program, CCSD provides the hired teachers with J1 visas to work in Las Vegas for at least 3 years. Then, they have the option to extend their contract for 2 years more.

With the Clark County School District (CCSD) serving 320,000 students, the shortage in teachers can be difficult to fill out, but the education agency hopes that more Pinoy teachers will be willing to travel all the way to the US to help these students.

The CCSD also expressed hope that they would be able to hire highly motivated employees who will be committed to providing the best education for these young minds.

Photo credit: Balitang America TFC / YouTube

Many of those who are already teaching under the program feel torn between happiness in finding a great job and loneliness as they live far from their families, but many said they are willing to sacrifice for their children’s future.

There’s a huge difference in terms of the basic salary and in terms of the benefits as well. I miss my family but for a better future and greener pasture,” teacher Jan Salazar explained.

Another teacher pointed out that what they earn for a month in Nevada is equivalent to several months of hard work in the Philippines. With $40,900 (around Php2.1 million) annual salary, this job is certainly a dream come true for many SPEd teachers!

Watch the report here:

Click here to apply.

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