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Netizen Slams Teachers for Letting Grade 7 Students Fetch Water, Wash Rugs at Deep Well

In many public schools all over the Philippines, it has become customary for the children to be given tasks in making sure that their classrooms remain clean. But one netizen slammed teachers of a school in their locality after seeing many Grade 7 students fetching water and washing rugs at their deep well on a daily basis.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Alexah Dela Austria of Capalonga, Camarines Norte noticed that many students keep on going to the deep well in her neighborhood during school days, at around 7AM. The school is not near the deep well, yet the students flock there every morning to fetch water. She also sees them washing rugs.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

By the time they go back to school, the kids already looked somewhat dirty from the activity. Alexah questioned whether these things are the children’s responsibility in school.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Moreover, Alexah was surprised to learn that the children had actually done this for years but used to fetch water from the river much further from the school than the deep well. It was only when someone discovered the deep well that they began to choose this option instead, because it is closer to the school.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Ano nga ba talaga ang tungkulin at dapat isaalang alang ng isang mag aaral sa eskwelahan? Mapapribado man o pampublikong paaralan? Araw araw mula nung nagpasukan may nag iigib, may naglalaba ng mga basahan?

Tinatanong namin sila bakit dito pa sila nag iigib ay ang layo na ng school nila? Naaawa ako sa mga mag aaral na ito na tuwing alas 7 nandito na sila at nag iigib ng tubig! Balik balik?” Alexah wrote on her Facebook account.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Nakakaawa kase halos Grade 7 ang mga ito at ang liliit pa nila para magtabo at dadalhin sa school ang tubig, yung iba ang dumi na ng sapatos, uniform at pawis pawisan na!

Sabi pa nung ilan sa ilog pa nga daw sila nag iigib dati nung di pa nila alam na may balon dito? Sa ilog na may kalayuan din? Papasok man lamang sila eh dungis dungisan na ang suot nilang uniform.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Alexah said she would not name names but questions why this has become a daily routine for the students.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Ang agap nila pumasok para mag aral hindi para mag igib at utus utusan ng kung ano anong hindi na naaayon sa pag aaral,” she added.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

The post was met with mixed reactions. While many netizens sided with Alexah, also sympathizing with the plight of these students, other said that being cleaners and giving them responsibilities in school actually make them better students. This is part of the learning process, other netizens chimed in.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

Others told Alexah to send her kids to a private school if she doesn’t want them to work in school; however, based on the post, the children were not hers and she was just expressing concern about the kids she sees doing this at their deep well.

Photo credit: Alexah Dela Austria / Facebook

A teacher responded to her post, explaining to Alexah that not all public schools have running water. In places like that, the children had to fetch water usually for the CRs or else the toilets will be stinky. The teacher said that they are also doing their part in helping the students but tasks like this are often delegated to the students as the teachers have many other concerns to attend to, asking whether it is also the teachers’ responsibility to fetch the water…

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  1. Well face the reality, they dont have janitors to do the chores. It would be a good training for them.

    • Siguro at some point yes. Pero ako din naman nung elementray we had our own assigned backyards to clean every morning (minsan twice sa isang linggo may hawak na itak para magtampas ng damo at babad sa init). We also need to fetch water pag magCCR. Our school is on top of a mountain and just have few teachers to accomodate us. Imagine mo naman ung mga teachers pa paglinisin mo di ba? Saka we never had reclaims on that kase honestly we learned to be disciplined and to appreciate hardwork at early childhood. Minsan mas maganda rin na asal ang maituro kesa kaartehan nyo.

    • you’re right.

  2. kailan sila tuturuan kung paano maging responsable at may inisyatibo ang mga mag-aaral kung may ilang pamilya na hindi gumagawa niyan? lalaki lamang silang inutil at palaasa. paggamit ng mobile phone magdamag walang angal ang mga magulang pero pagawan sila ng mga gawaing sila rin ang makikinabang tinututulan ninyyo? oo nga at sila ay marumihan pwede naman silang magpalit ng damit. oo nga at malayo sa paaralan ang igiban ng tubig, alangan namnag ilapit ang paaralan sa igiban. hindi naman sila gagawa niyang ng isang buong taon. may dahilan na dapat munang alamin suriin at unawain. sige nga, ang mga estudyante sa loob na lang sila ng paaralan at ang titser ang mag -igib ng tubig at maglinis, sa palagay nyo ano ang gagawin ng mga students habang wala ang titser? sa ganoong mga pahayag niyo nagiging one sided tayo at tuloy napapasama ang guro at paaralan. remember, home and school work together for the good of each student to be responsible and good-natured. may extra grade naman sila i’m sure. May Barangay Captain, may Mayor, may Congressman, may Gobernor sila di ba? e sana nagtulong tulong sila para hindi na mahirapan ang paaralan at mga mag-aaral.

    • I totally agree.. to the people who oppose these things are the reason why many of the children today are spoiled..

    • I agree sir. At sana during school orientation dumalo naman kasi mga parents para kung may concern sila dun nila sasabihin di yung mag rant sila sa social media. Feeling magaling! Kung umattend sana sila sa mga meeting na pinatawag ng principal/adviser ma address ng maayos yan. Remember this kind of menial works begins at home. Ako i always encourage my son to take his responsibilities in school diligently. Ipakita nya kako na marunong sya sa mga ganyang gawain.

    • In my own opinion, this is part of their training. Hindi lang ito basta pag iigib or paglalaba, this will equip them para sa realidad ng buhay.. And besides, common na gawain dito sa probinsya ang pag iigib, paglalampaso ng sahig, paglalaba, pagdadamo, pagbubungkal ng lupa. At ano ang masama doon? Ganyan ang buhay, hindi lahat puro sarap lang. Sinong mga tao ba ang nagiging matatag sa buhay? Di ba yaong nakaranas ng mabibigat na pagsubok?

  3. Its not the responsibility of the students to maintain the cleanliness of their school other than to throw their used paper in the trash can and keep their classrooms as clean and neat as possible. The schools responsibility is to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding areas outside the school classrooms. I will not object if the school could organize the entire students in their schools to clean up the school grounds and classrooms once or twice a month but not make the students forced to clean the school rugs and bring water in pails from the river or the well daily. How do you expect these students to concentrate on their studies when by the time they return to their classrooms they are exhausted daily … l presume that the Department of Education Manila Head office is unaware of these school practices used by these school principals on their students.

    • If you look closely enough, you could see that these students are attending a public school.

      “Oh dearest me! What does that mean for my poor, little brain?”

      Well, sir, it simply means that there simply wasn’t enough funds for a decent water supply for their school.

      “Then da**it! Whose fault is that,” you say. Well, I do know that the government funds these public schools. Maybe you can try using you brain sometimes and complain to them instead ;). Just a food for thought. Teehee

    • If you are a teacher in public school you will realize you’re thought is wrong. You might go crazy even you dont clean all the messes , how much more if you do the chores ? funny to think students are given only got 10-15 mins to clean and it is not a valid reason that they cant manage to study for the rest of their time. They have hours left to study don’t blame the task given to them. Please don’t.


    • you know that maybe those schools doesn’t have janitors to clean the school, right? Those schools even lacks teachers so ask for the help of the students in order to maintain their school

    • How many yayas do you have at home?

    • Oh no they probably aware they just don’t care. They probably thinking this always has been the practice so why invest on running waters for these schools who are suffering for not having running waters or why hire a janitor if the kids could clean. If the school are not being funded to even hire a janitor they have no choice but to expect everyone in the school to share responsibility, they cannot just let the facility to be filthy and stinky because it will then raise a health issue.

      Besides previous generations had partake on this kind of activity, this is not slavery. We considered this normal and to be honest it taught us how to clean and be responsible and I’m glad we experienced this because we are able to use it in adult life where we cannot rely on our parents to do the chores for us. Hopefully it will also help students to develop empathy towards custodians.

    • you are generalizing your point! you are not taking some consideration if this is a public/dep-ed or private school! if you want this kids not to do some chores then you must give scholarships for them so that they could enroll to rich schools, in that way your feelings won’t hurt that much.. if you can’t then shut up coz you dont know everything… i hope you are not the kind of dependent child like this days… geeeez… if you run for government i would warn the people towards your attitude…

    • ThePhilippeIdoitVirus

      well hello’ actually students in our era also maintain cleanliness outside of our classrooms, to be precise we do also clean the whole campus if we have our general cleaning. wow nemen kung anak mayaman ka wag knang mag kumpara sa iba kase iba kame syo na meh katulong sa bahay at naka relax lng. kame meh natutunang ‘Reponsibilidad” ikaw panay ‘Angas” lng1..

  4. These are tasks that make students to be more responsible and not only to play…they work and they learn…and they also learn from their mistakes…as i was a kid, i also happened to do this task and when i grew up, i realized that these were only stepping stones to be an independent individual…

  5. sa japan ganito din…. they try to teach children how to do simple task and chores in order for them to be responsible for their own mess….. in my analysis… they fetch water so that they may be comfortable in their toilets even without the access to water tap… they clean their own dirty rags… pwera na lang kung pinaglabada sila sa hindi nila pagmamay-ari… so anung issue dun ate?…

  6. Simple. The school is our second home, if not house. Over na over na ang generation ngayon. Porket may FB na hala sige nang sige nang post. I am what I am now because of the training I had from SCHOOL. Address your sentiments to the politicians, not to teachers or the school.

  7. I actually agree to the teacher.. making the students do these things actually teaches them responsibility, endurance, patience, discipline and manners.. and for the people who thinks that this is cruel, those are the people who say that they are educated but lack the things that were mentioned earlier..

  8. Jovel Rey Lumambas

    when i was a child i enjoyed doing it and it makes me so responsible person and better person in my community. train up a child the way they should go so that when they grow up they will not depart from it.

  9. Nakakatawa naman tung iba na nagsa-side sa nagpost. Kala niyo naman minamaltrato ang mga . 1st of all, halata namn siguro na walang tubig sa school nila kaya jan sula nag-iigib. Hindi kasalanan ng school kung wala silang tubig. May gobyerno tayo na pwedeng tumulong sa pagpapatubig. 2nd, that is part of being cleaners sa room. Alangan namang sa ibang tao pa nila ipagawa yan eh mismong sila ang gumagamit nyan sa clasroom nila. Doing that kind of chore is a sign or could be a training for students to learn responsibility. Hindi nila yan ikaka-stress. Alangam naman ding teachers pa ang gumawa nyan? Kala nyo naman madali mging teacher. Hindi kaya madaling ipasa ang mga studyanteng walang gana at walang pakeng mag-aral(hindi naman lahat ng students ganun.). 3rd let the sudents experience that, alam nyo bang sa pamamagitan nyan, nagkakaroon sila ng pagkakataong maging interactive with their classmates. Nagkakaroon sila ng bonding. Bonding na nagiging dahilan pra ganahan silng pumasok sa skwela.

  10. Ganinto talaga lalo na sa probinsya ganyan kami dati nag iigib ng tubig nag hahakot pa nga kami ng buhangin pinapa bunot pa ng mga damo nag lilinis nang classroom bago umuwi pero na eenjoy naman namin yun ang saya kaya..

  11. Ang problema lang naman dito Ay ang layo layo nilang kukunin ng tubig that’s just the problem, a school is a training ground not just to work the minds but also to know responsibilities.

  12. Adam Kristian G. Bardon

    This is entirely normal. I had experienced this during my school days and could have been worse. I remembered we had grouping, one group would clean inside the classroom, one group would clean the surrounding, one group would water and clear the plant plots, one group to fetch water from a source at least 100 meters from our classroom and one group to supervise and reprimand all the other groups (easiest job btw) and guess what we all had graduated with high grades. Because such activities would train and build students character. Students should not be cooped up like prince and princesses, they must be taught holistically because in life its not only knowledge whats important, but attitude and character.

  13. mobile legends lang ang naabotan ng nagreklamo

  14. ako nga tamad na tamad mag linis ng cr ng bahay namin mag dilig ng mga halaman, maglampaso ng sahig magfloorwax at iba pa. pero sa school na gawa ko un isa yun sa mga turo kng paano maging isang respncblidad sa bahay. kung nagagawa sa school eh mas lalo magagawa din yan sa bahay. hindi yan pagmamalabis kundi isang aral na pag laki natin eh di nawawala sa daily routine natin yan.. wag O.A.. sa mga mayayaman lang applicble ang mga gnyang pag iinarte bkt ako nkpg tapuz din nmn at nagkaroon ng magandang trabho kaht naranasan ko mga yan. wala naman nabawasan o na apktuhan sa pag aaral ko..

    • Yung kaunting hirap na madadanasan ng mga bata sa paggawa ng mga bagay na katulad ng pag iigib at paglilinis ng room , siguro ay hindi naman nila ikakamatay. Mas higit na papakinabangan nila ang matututunan nila dito at higit silang matututo na maging independent. Mas mahirap na lumaki silang walang alam. Sa panahon ngayon na ni pagtitiklop ng kanilang hinigaan ay iniaasa pa sa magulang, eh it’s about time na ibalik ang ganitong pagtuturo sa mga kabataan sa eskwelahan. Sa Japan nga eh mga bata tinuturuan sa eskwelahan ng mga paglilinis at pagiging magalang at iba pang bagay na dapat nilang matutunan.


  15. Napaka Bobo mo Mr Dioscoro. Sobra.! Your thinking inside of the box only . Naku!

  16. Hindi masama na turuan din sa paaralan ng mga responsabling gawaing ang mga bata ngunit sana naman ay sa mas ligtas na kapaligiran at yong abot tanaw din ng mga guro nila . Importante na matutong maging responsable ang mga kabataan pero di dapat kalimutan na mahalaga din ang kaligtasan nila . Hindi kailangang araw araw ay maglaba sila ng basahan para maging responsable.

  17. namulat kasi yung nag rant sa janitorial fee. noon may cleaners at assigned areas sa mga students para magwalis, magdilig ng halaman, kahit paglaba ng nga rags.. it is fun though and we learned

  18. Mas worst pa nga naranasan namin jan eh! Pero never kaming nag-reklamo kasi alam naman namin na kami din naman makikinabang. At saka part ‘yan as a growing individual. Ang hirap kasi sa panahon ngayon Mema-post lang at maka-kuha ng sympathy sa Social Media. Ka-OAhan talaga

  19. Yung konting hirap na dadanasin ng mga bata walang kapantay na pakinabang kung matutuhan nilang gawin ang mga bagay na makakapagturo sa kanila n na maging independent. Sa panahon ngayon na halos lahat ng mga bata ni pagtitiklop ng hinigaan, sa magulang pa iniaasa.its about time na ituro muli sa mga estudyante ito para hindi sila kawawa pagdating ng araw . May mga magilang na halos ayaw magparanas ng hirap sa mga anak, kaya ang resulta kaunting paghihirap bumibigay na.napakaiksi ng tolerance nila sa kaunting paghihirap.stress agad sila at walang mga pasensya.

  20. Sa mga nagsasabi na school Ang may responsilidad sa paglilinis, tingnan nyo muna Ang school Kung may facility para sa paglilinis. Halos lahat ata Ng school Ng dep Ed sa pilipinas ay Wala, Kung Hindi responsibilidad Ng student Ang maglinis at Ang gusto mag aral lang, pati teacher ata ay magturo Ang responsibilidad, alam nyo ba ang ginàgawa Ng mga guro, bgo mgtuturo gagawa muna Ng lesson plan sa Gabi, mag check Ng papel, mag total Ng grades, bukod dun Ang daming requirements Ng school na kailangang ipasa. Umabot cla gang hating Gabi, extended Ang working hours pati sabado at lingo, time para sa sarili at pamilya ay nasasakripisyo, eh ano nmn sa studyante, relax lng ba, tinggal na nga Ang homework, pati pa ba paglilinis tatanggalin, anong itchura Ng school Kung guro at studyante ndi maglilinis, baka ndi na cla Tao. Ang problema ay dpat solusyonan, paano din Kaya makatulog ndi Yung magsalita lang, alamin muna Ang sanhi Ng problema, Isa pa, paano matuto Ang students na maging responsable, na gumising Ng maaga, na mag aral Ng mabuti, sasabihin nyo n nmn na pano cla mag aral Ng mabuti Kung maglinis Ang ginàgawa, pero tingnan nyo ngyon, wla nga cla ginàgawa pero ndi nag aaral, naglalaro Ang ginàgawa, observe and compare noon at ngyon, masyadong malayo Ang pinagkaiba, noon kahit punong puno Ng paghihirap Ang mga Bata, pero magagaling Ang mga Yun, eh ngyon, Ang pag asa nalang nila ay Ang patakarang walang babagsak Basta pumapasok. Sa attitude, malayong magagalang Ang mga Bata noon Kasi tinutulungan pinapagalitan, eh ngayon, pagalitan mo Ang isang Bata sasabihin syo na kakasuhan ka. Anong klaseng buhay Ng estudyante Ang gusto nyong maging?

  21. What a non-sense vlog!

    As a student before, it’s our responsibility to clean our mess and the surroundings of our school.

  22. Though I agree that students must learn how to do home chores for them to be a productive in the future but please do not compromise their safety. The class advicer should over look, supervised at them while doing such thing di Yung nasa loob Lang sya nang room. In case accidents happen sya din mananagot.

  23. And your main point for posting this??? Do you want to lambast the teachers of the school? Because I do not see anything wrong with teaching kids the value of hard work. Do you think we should only teach kids the easy things in life? I wonder what kind of education you received when you are still young…. curious…. just curious….

    Or could it be that you are just airing your concern on the lack of water supply facility near the school? Because if this is your point, then posting this would be very instrumental to get the needed support… and I will salute you for that….

    Be careful with your point?

  24. in my grades school around grade 6 we had home room…we learned to sweep, decorate, cook, etiquette-manners, and yes pick up the trash et all….ano ba!!! its about time we need to teach EVERYONE that ALL can do their share….hwag maging entitled dahil hindi ka naman Diyos. lahat tayo tao…wala gagawa kungdi tayo….Holler….

  25. This is a good practice to mold responsibility. But also why some students don’t have dreams anymore. Its a good practice of slavery to what you have and which class on society you belong. Yes some students will strive but how many did strive on a single class?. We should teach them how to solve the problem not let them think that there are no solution on their problem with no water or they can’t afford it. It the responsibility of the person in-charge to find and ask for a solution but always they will say the higher people or office does not support or many schools blah blah blah… NO SOLUTION is rendered.

  26. I was a student in that kind of school and I am grateful for all of my experiences. I have no regret of fetching water from puso, cleaning rugs, waxing our floor everyday with madre de cacao. All of those are part of being a student in a rural places. I hope you don’t do this as part of your publicity to shame teachers who is “only is doing their part to let students become responsible and to the students who obey their teachers”.

  27. As if naman araw araw sila maglalaba ng mga rugs and matts. Inenglish pa wala naman kalaman laman.

  28. Grabi. OA naman nito. Kami nga nag gagarden sa school grade 4 to grade 6 kasi nga kami nayung mas nakakatanda. Parang yan lang. What a useless vlog. Hindi kasi dapat tenotolorate ang mga bata na tamad. Kasi sa stage na iyan sa high school survival yan eh. How to manage their time as a student. Part yan sa learnings nila.

  29. sa tingin ko walang pang aabuso sa mga bata part yan bilang studyante , syempre ang bata talaga ang maglilinis sa kalat sa rooms nila alangan naman ang teachers ang mag lalaba ng basahan? sa mga public schools talaga by group yan naka sked mag linis araw araw kung nakakasuka na ang mga basahan nila natural lng na labhan na di naman ganun ka yaman ang mga guro para itapon na agad ang maduduming basahan at bili ulit ng bago dba?

  30. seriously?? i see nothing wrong here?? unless it goes against the ethics of teaching.. Like in my elem. days we do those things.. and were more than happy to do it.. we even fetch water.. and we go the longes route.. uughhh people this day.. theyre more diligent to down someone than to appreciate them🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  31. My God, its chores. It’s general cleaning. It’s training for life.

    I am grateful to my teachers for letting me scrub floors during chores, look for cow manure for gardening, collect garbage, mop the classroom. The same for my parents, who assigned me to clean our little pig pen and feed our ducks.

    When I grew up and became a ‘boss’, I now know the limits of giving work to people and appreciate my co-workers from the janitors to the guards.

    Kaya wag masyadong reklamo. Paying the ‘Service Fee’ is not an excuese and it does not help in forming values in children. Those growing up in the age of Jollibee and McDonalds – who allow you to leave your trash – observe how they live in their homes, how the work at offices, how the watch in cinemas.

  32. It’s called Building up responsible kids. Fuck this “nakakaawa sila comments”. Who ever wrote this must be one of those spoon fed rich ass kid who defines chores as “siesta”.

  33. @Mr Dioscoro Briones ciguro private school ka sir galing kaya ganyan ang comment mo. #justsaying

  34. Hay naku yung nagpost nito ang magreklamo dun sa barangay,sa mayor ng lugar para palagyan ng linya ng tubig sa eskwelahan para hindi na mahirapan yung mga bata maglaba at mag igib ng tubig para mapanatiling malinis ang paaralan or school room nla,hirap talaga sa mga tao eh ang hilig talaga manghusga kami nga noon sa sapa pa kme nag iigib ng tubig nung elementarya pa lang kme nagtatanim pa kme ng mga kahoy sa malaking paligid sa likuran ng school nmin araw araw pa kme my dalang bolo or itak pra magamit sa paglinis ng mga damo kapag wala kaming dalang bolo or itak punishment ang teacher kelangan makahanap ng paraan para my magamit sa paglilinis ng bawat area na nka assign para sa bawat mag aaral ginagawa nmin yun tuwing alas 4 ng hapon until alas 5 hanggang sa magbell na ng uwian subrang saya kaya,laking pasalamat ko sa aking mga naging guro lumaki akong responsableng tao,pakikisama sa kapwa,masunurin at my paggalang dapat yung mga paaralan na my kakulangan lalo na ang tubig yan dapat ang tututukan ng barangay or ng municipiyo,wag na sana maging mapanghusga lumapit na kaagad sa mga kinauukulan para maaksiyunan

  35. Even our highschool days, we cleaned the school, tumungtong sa roof para linisan, nag floorwax at nag bunot, walis, gardening pa…Noong elementary pa may naka sched groups para maglinis ng kanilang classroom

  36. Di ba naisip na ang paaralan ay nagsisilbing tahanan ng mga mag-aaral? sa munting gawain na ito, may matututunan sila sa kanilang pagkatao. di naman buong araw ang gawaing ito para gawing big deal sa publiko. Sa paaralan di lang isip ang nililinang o pinaghuhusay para magkaroon ng kaalaman kundi isinasaayos din pati pagkatao, at ang pagiging responsable para kung dumating man ang panahon, kaya nilang pangalagaan ang sarili nilang buhay maging ang sariling pamilya..

    Guro ako. mahal ko ang mga students ko. Parang magulang na ang nais ay mapabuti ang mga anak. Walang magulang na nais lamang sa anak ay umasa sa kanila habang buhay, na hindi marunong sa mga bagay bagay. Guro ako,alam ko kung ano ang narararapat para sa kanila. Hanggat ang mga gawain ay di nakakasira ng pagkatao at di lumalabag sa karapatan na meron sila bagkus naghuhubog at nakatutulong pa sa kanila ay di dapat sinisita kundi binibigay dapat ang suporta…

    Napagdaanan ko lahat ng mga gawain sa paaralan,tagalinis, napagalitan,napahiya,nainis din sa aking mga guro at kung anu ano pa.Ngunit bakit ko pinili ang maging guro. Dahil alam kong dahil sa kanila, natuto akong maging matino, may disiplina, at higit sa lahat, naging kapakipakinabang sa lipunan. Salamat sa lahat ng yon…

    Kaya dun sa mga tumutuligsa sa mga gawaing kapakipakinabang na ipinapagawa ng mga guro, mag isip kayo…. baka isang araw ang pagbaybi sa mga kabataan ay bumalik sa inyo. Di na nga nakatulong, magiging sakit pa ng lipunan…. Mag isip po sana tayo…

  37. tumpak yung iba nag rereak na para daw yan sa mga bata dumaan din naman kami jan ah.. mas malala pa yung amin kasi mga graba yung pinapas.an namin galing sa dalampasign para ilagay sa school umaakyat kami sa bundok mangunguha ng carabao grass..nadidisiplina ka pero tanong ko pag ito ginawa sa labas ng skul at yang mg bata na yan kailangan mong tutukan.. dahil hindi mo alam mga possibleng mngyayari.. kung isang pitio lang yan may disgrasya sakali sinong mananagot? edi teacher sino ng mag proproblema ng labis edi magulang? .. ng yari n yan nung ako ay nasa elementary di kami sinamahan ng guro kami lang pinakuha ng mga graba o bato sa gilid ng dalampasigan eh yung clasmate kung lalaki na subrang kulit nligo.. nung time nayun hbagat malakas ang mga alon, edi nalukot sya at rason bakit di sya maka langoy ng maayus nag panik kami kasi grade 4 lang kami walang lulusob sa alon na malalaki anung ngawa namin eh di iyak lang kami ng iyak at sigaw.. ng tulong buti may mga mangingisda at sila ang lumangoy ayan edi disgrasya inabot yan po ang delikado ng malaman ng magulang sino bang matutuwa sa ng yari at bakit nasa labas anak nya .. ang pag didisiplina ok lang pero kung gnito outside na ginagawa sa skul dapat nito tutukn walang problema kung sa loob ng skul.. safety ng kabataan ang point dito.

  38. Oh, I’m not comparing, but I want you to know that in Japan, especially in GOVERNMENT Schools, students do the cleaning (hallways, classrooms, and even the washrooms!). Some of them do the kitchen stuff every single day.
    I think we need to change our perspective about the school being responsible for cleanliness.
    I get your point that it must be tiring for them and they should focus on their study.
    But every student must be involved. If you want a disciplined student, start training.
    Moreover, a student doesn’t go to school to study only. They go to school to learn.
    Cleaning is part of the learning experience. But, if there is exploitation then that’s a different story.
    Also, most provinces in the Philippines couldn’t even afford to buy books and school supplies, let alone Janitors or other ancillary personnel 🙂
    Let’s face reality, not all schools in the Philippines have decent water resource or even sufficient supplies.

  39. If u r student in 60’s 70’s. 80’s until early 90’s Ginagawa ito ng mga students, minsan iba-iba ang chores para lang ma-maintain ang school kahit kulang sa budget. Ang alma mater ay hindi lang inaawit, kundi ginagawa rin. Lahat halos ng studyante na dumaan sa ganitong proseso ng pagde-disiplina at nakaganda sa kanila. Naging responsable, may natutuhan na gawaing -bahay, naging kapaki-pakiinabang sa mga magulang at totoong na-develop ang kanilang pagkatao.
    Minsan pumasyal ako sa isang Public School ay nakita ko ang mga High School students na ang mga lalaki ay mahaba ang buhok, may kulay, may hikaw may naninigarilyo at siyempre hindi naman nakikita ang nagdodroga. Ang mga babae naman ay ganon kakapal ng make-up at lip stick, revealing ang mga uniporme at panay landian na lamang ang alam sa school. Minsan na sa compound lang ng school at hindi pumapasok sa classroom at ang pinakamatindi na sa loob na ng klase at mga naka-head set. Ano ang matutuhan? Hinding -hindi namin ipagpapalit ang disiplina sa amin nuon at d nagrereklamo ang aming magulang at nagagalit sa amin kapag may reklamo ang mga guro sa amin. Minsan hindi namin nakakalimutan ang mga terror na teacher kahit tumanda na kami pero sila ang nagbigay ng totoong leksyon ng buhay sa amin. Ikaw na nagmamalasakit at pu,upuna sigurado akong d ka nakanas nito.

  40. teacher po ako. minsan nagpalaba ako ng kurtina ng room namin sa mga studyante ko. general cleaning day namin yun syempre dapat lahat ng studyante tulungan mag linis. may isa ayaw mag laba. tanong ko ‘bakit?’ sinagot ako ‘di po ako marunog maglaba maam. si nanay naglalaba sa amin.’ so sabi ko, ‘o, eto batya, sabon at kurtina…maglaba ka.’ tinuruan ko. ayun pagkatapos nya maglaba nakangiti pa at natuwa kasi natapos nya nilabhan isang kurtina

  41. Nung elementary ako and high school, naranasan q rin morning and afternoon, nagiigib kami mahigit 20 galon pandilig, napakalayo ng gripo at nakakapagod; Nagputol at nagbit bit ng kawayan. Pero worth it lahat ng experience na yun. Kasi may natutunan kami. Oo nahihirapan kami noon dahil sa pagod. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun na pinapahirapan kami. Sa huli ko na lang naintindihan na gusto lang nila kaming turuan kung pano maging responsable, masikap, at matiyaga. Kahit ganu kahirap o nakakapagod pa yan. Kasi sa pag aaral hindi lang naman pagsusulat, pagbabasa, o pananalita ang inaaral e.

  42. this is a good train for kids…its not bad..rather than gadgets most of the time!

  43. The real problem here is actually for that specific school to be given help so that they can have a direct water source within the school premises so students won’t have to go far to fetch water while they are given tasks that develops them to be a responsible person in the long run. There are a lot of PUBLIC schools that are really in need of help.

  44. Ano ang silbi ng MOEE ng school bakit hindi sila makapag provide ng deep well? kong within the campus ang deep well ayos lang pero kong malaya bawal dapat yon dahil kailangan may protection ang mga bata sa posibleng mangyaring aksidente… Kaylan pa natin sila poproteksyonan pag may sakuna na nangyari? Kung kulang ang MOEE ng school bakit di mag solicit sa LGU at sa PTA????

  45. Iasa nio kay tulfo. Magpabayad kamo sia ng janitor at taga igib. dun nman kayo magaling eh. Mga nagmamarunong. Kami nga nuon mas mahirap pa jan. Pero mas malayo naman ugali nmin as students noon kasi lumaki kami g masunurin sa mga guro. Why the fuck?

  46. oh please!!! part po yan ng learning ng bata. if ayaw nyu magkaganyan anak nyu send them sa private schools hindi yung puro reklamo. MAYGAD!!!!


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