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Japan Now Accepts Applications for Assistant Language Teachers, 4M-Yen Annual Salary

The Japanese government recently announced that they are once again accepting applications for Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) positions, under the 2020 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.

With a salary of up to 4 million yen (Php1.9 million), the job promises to be a good one for Filipino teachers.

Photo credit: JET Programme Official / YouTube

One of the largest exchange programs in the world, the JET program was launched in 1987. The program aims to promote internationalization in the local communities of Japan by improving foreign language education and developing international exchange at a community level.

Photo credit: JET Programme Official / YouTube

It is the primary task of the ALTs to assist Japanese Teachers of English/Language (JTEs/JTLs) working primarily in public schools or local school boards.

Salary and Life in Japan

JET Program participants receive approximately 3.36 million yen (Php1.6 million) in their first year of appointment, approximately 3.6 million yen (Php1.7 million) in their second year of appointment, approximately 3.9 million yen (Php1.87 million) for their third appointment, and for those appointed for a fourth and fifth year, approximately 3.96 million yen (Php1.9 million) for each year.

Photo credit: JET Programme Official / YouTube

Take note, however, that JET Program participants have to pay Japanese income and resident taxes from this remuneration.

Considering that all living expenses, including rent, transportation, and food will be paid for by the program participants, the salary might only be enough for your living expenses; though this is highly dependent on where you will be assigned. This is particularly true in highly urbanized areas of Japan where the cost of living is high.

Photo credit: JET Programme Official / YouTube

Those assigned in rural areas get more out of their salary because rent is low and food prices plus other goods are at a more affordable rate.

The program covers the travel expenses to Japan at the start of the program, then back home after the contract ends. Program participants will also need to stay in the same location for the duration of the program, even when they extend their contract.

Bringing Family to Japan

There are no restrictions when it comes to bringing your family to Japan; however, it is good to first stay in the country for some months to get a feel of the new culture and adjust with the high cost of living in Japan.

If you think your family could thrive in Japan, you are welcome to bring them there. The kids can also enroll in the public schools, with some even eligible for child support from the government.

Photo credit: JET Programme Official / YouTube

Take note, however, that there will be no special allowances or additional pay for those who bring their families to Japan; though it is likely that the visa processing will be easier and faster.

Spouses of those under the JET program can find a job in Japan as long as they first secure a working visa before moving.

Photo credit: JET Programme Official / YouTube

Couples are allowed to both apply for the JET program but will be treated individually and in the same manner as other applicants, with consideration given on their own strengths, capabilities, and talents.

For information on the JET program, including eligibilities, application process, and FAQs, visit the official JET program website.

Watch the promotional video here:

Take note: Deadline for application is on November 29, 2019.

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