DepEd’s Official Statement on the Teacher-learner Incident that was Aired on Raffy Tulfo in Action

The Department of Education has released its official statement on the teacher-learner incident which became viral on the internet in the past few days. DepEd emphasized that there are certain laws and policies apply to students and teachers and that the department is making sure that both sides will be treated properly in accordance with the policies and processes that already exist at all levels of governance of DepEd which include the schools, Divisions, Regions, and the Central Office.

There are laws and policies that apply to students and teachers. DepEd takes care to ensure that both the learner and the teacher are treated with dignity and respect through policies and processes already existing at all levels of governance of DepEd (the schools, Regions, Divisions, and Central Office).


In the said statement, DepEd also noted that the teacher is entitled to a due process that was not given to her during the November 18 episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action where she was urged by Mr. Tulfo to give up her job in exchange for the non-filing of complaints against her. DepEd also added that the teacher’s early resignation from her career as a teacher will have a serious impact on her person and her family.

It appears that what transpired in the program was a move for on-the-spot compromise: the resignation of the teacher in exchange for the non-filing of complaints against her. In the DepEd Child Protection Policy, incidents of child abuse are not subject to compromise. On the other hand, teachers are entitled to due process, which was not given to her during the program, especially since resignation from her job earlier than her intended retirement will have serious impact on her person and family.


DepEd also stated that the teachers serve as a second parent to the learners and that the latter’s right against bullying and child abuse are also strongly protected. However, DepEd also added that the teachers exercise substitute parental authority to children at school and that part of their supervision over the child while they are at school include disciplining while maintaining their dignity and safety.

Schools are second home to learners, while teachers are their second parents. We entrust our children to the institution and teachers. In addition to the right of children to education, their rights against bullying and child abuse are also strongly protected. On the other hand, teachers exercise substitute parental authority while children are in school. They are expected to exercise reasonable supervision over the conduct of the child, including disciplining them as part of their upbringing, while maintaining their dignity and safety.


The said statement released by the DepEd addresses the recently viral episode of the Raffy Tulfo in Action on November 18, 2019, where a 47-year-old grandmother complained about a teacher who asked her grandson to step out of the classroom after his grandson failed to return his report card on time. The teacher, on the other hand, admitted her fault and apologized. She also explained that she just meant to teach the pupil a lesson on discipline.

People on social media were quick to react on the said episode and apparently, Mr. Raffy Tulfo received a lot of backlash after thousands of netizens criticized him and his show for urging the teacher to give up her job.

Ikaw na kusa magresign sa iyong trabaho at maging sa PRC (Professional Regulation Commission), ilalakad namin at sasangayunan mo na ikaw ay matanggalan ng license o ilaban mo sa korte,” Tulfo told the teacher.

Meanwhile, the teacher received overflowing support both from fellow teachers, teacher organizations, lawyers, and thousands of netizens who felt that she was put on trial by publicity and that it was too unfair for her to be forced to resign over the said incident.

DepEd, on the other hand, assured that the case is being handled by the DepEd regional and division offices through proper procedures according to applicable laws and policies such as Child Protection Law and Magna Carta for Teachers.

To read DepEd’s Official statement, please head over their official website by visiting this link.



  1. At first, I took no notice of this, kasi laging meron namang news kung saan ang isang guro ay nanakit ng bata. BUT THIS TEACHER DID NOT..again, DID NOT HURT THE CHILD, but just give a chair for her/him to seat. FOR ME, THIS IS FAIR ENOUGH. During my elementary years, we “were always afraid to be punished, especially to be sent to the OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL for an offence that is already over and above all the rules and regulations of the School. WE WERE BEHAVED but very normal children, then. AND I THINK THE VERY REASON WE WERE ALL SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES WAS BECAUSE WE WERE VERY OBEDIENT, RESPECTFUL, ATTENTIVE, DID OUR HOMEWORKS, PERFORMED WELL IN THE CLASSROOMS. I WAS AN HONOR STUDENT. TAKE NOTE: WE WERE ONLY AFRAID TO BE “SENT TO THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL”..we were never sent out. And, we were close to all of our teachers!

  2. …..our constitution guarantees the equal protection of the law….hence, due process, and judgement not in the hands of anybody.Just justment is rendered by legitimate authorities….we should know our boundaries.

  3. So sad that nothing was mentioned about the child’s condition thing is for sure..he aired to his parents what his teacher was doing to him repeatedly and it has been affecting him already, emotionally and psychologically . Why did you treat the incident as if the teacher had done nothing wrong..clearly the parents and the grandmother said that according to the child it was not the first time that he had experienced such kind of humiliation from the teacher. The video taken was not the first time that the teacher acted that way..The teacher was furious in her act in the video..And I don’t think such display of attitude towards a child is correct…I dont think she looked harmless in that video. As a matter of fact, she was really very angry. Please be fair to the child and his parents as well..Why would she heed to Mr. Tulfo’s suggestion of resigning at once, isnt it because she knew in her conscience what the child had been going through in her class for the longest time. The parents said the teacher never relayed anything to them that the child has extra ordinary stubborness. The child told his parents about the incident which triggered them to discover the truth of the matter through the video. And despite of the clear evidence that the child was ousted and humiliated severely, ironically the teacher was justified totally in her act. Is that how every parent would like their child to be treated in school. I don’t think so.

  4. Maybe this is the time to amend Education Act of 1982. To insert. All professional teacher has the right to give disciplinary action to his/her student if necessary.

  5. The teacher in question was condemned without fair trial, besides the program is not the proper forum to make judgement on the case at hand. The teacher is under the administrative authority of DEPED or CSC where the complaint maybe properly filed and heard. The program of Mr Raffy Tulfo has no authority to order the resignation of the teacher..

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