DepEd: Private Schools Must Get Parents’ Approval Before Shift to Online Classes

The shift to online learning is seen as a necessity, at least for SY 2020-2021, as learners face uncertainties amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is something that many also resist, particularly because a lot of families in the Philippines struggle with their finances.

For many, the arrangement would only work for private schools with their rich students, yet many parents of private school students also decry the move to online classes! A lot claim that they don’t have fast internet connection or can’t help in teaching their kids at home because they are too busy at work.

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Department of Education (DepEd) spokesperson Usec. Anne Sevilla admits that the shift to online learning will take time, amid the pandemic, due to the challenges that the learners and their parents face in terms of internet, equipment, and time. But she clarified that private schools must first get the parents’ approval before shifting to online classes.

For example, if you shift to the online delivery, kailangan may WiFi connection ang mga bata dahil they can’t communicate and connect kung wala hong WiFi. So ‘yan ay kailangan consulted with the parents,” Sevilla clarified.

As such, the shift to online learning should not be done in an automatic manner but should be taken “one step at a time”. Consultations with parents should be part of the process.

But public schools won’t be able to fully shift to online learning, for obvious reasons.

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Ang public education ay mainly in the printed form, or the face to face. Pero we are shifting to the new normal. I know that it’s really important that we wait for the (COVID-19) situation to be cleared and lahat tayo ay safe,” Sevilla added.

Basta ang message natin ay hindi tayo hihinto, gagawin natin ‘yung mga kailangan na step, kahit mabagal o kakaunti pa lamang. But at least ay papunta na tayo doon sa digital education na tinatawag natin dahil ito na ‘yung platform na ginagamit ng maraming bansa. Kaya sila at ready, nag-shift sila kaagad dahil ready sila.

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