CSC: Gov’t Workers Who Violate Work Hours Could Face Dismissal from Service

A lot of people often complain about government workers who seem to be perpetually angry, seemingly busy doing something else, and often out on a break or possibly unofficial business. But the Civil Service Commission (CSC) reminds government employees that they could get dismissed for violating work hours!

Memorandum Circular No. 1, series of 2017 details the government policy on office hours, listing out the penalties for tardiness in reporting for duty, unauthorized absences, and even loafing during office hours.

These acts are detrimental to public service thus we are reminding all government workers of all departments and agencies to render eight hours of work from Monday to Friday, or not less than 40 hours a week,” explained CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala.

The CSC also pointed out that though presidential appointees and heads of agencies are not required to punch in the bundy clock, they are still required to record their attendance, absences, leaves, and trips for official business.

Everyone needs to account for their attendance when assigned in the field or attending official business, such as seminars and trainings. Such should be reported using the proper forms that will serve as their daily attendance record.

Government workers are also reminded that loafing is a grave offense. The first offense can lead to a suspension from 6 months to 1 year; but a second offense can already lead to dismissal from service.

Frequent unauthorized absences from duty during regular office hours constitute loafing, and it results in inefficiency and non-performance of duty which adversely affects the prompt delivery of service to the public,” dela Rosa-Bala added.

It is the duty of agency heads to ensure that all officers and employees under them will strictly observe the prescribed office hours.

The CSC chairman urges government offices and agencies to review their policies to ensure that these rules and measures are carried out to deter tardiness in reporting for duty, loafing during office hours, and unauthorized absences.

An officer or employee in the civil service shall be considered habitually absent if one incurs unauthorized absences exceeding the allowable 2.5 days monthly leave credit under the Leave Law for at least three months in a semester or at least three consecutive months,” states Section 22, Rule XIV, Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of Executive Order No. 292.


  1. Pero ung point na mg OT ka without pay di nila iniisip yun… minsan nalalate ang mga tao dahil ng OOT sila inaabot ng 10 pm pero para makapag OT ka ng bayad KAILANGAN PA KUMUHA ng letter na PINAPAYAGAN KA MAG OT? sana lang ung rules ng government iniisip muna mabuti… oo binabawasan ang mga corrupt or what so ever ngsasacrifice nmn ung ngtratrabaho ng tapat at toroo…

    • Mr Juan dela Cruz, the head of office should tell all his/her subordinates that by 5pm dapat tapos na lahat ng paper works so that walang mag OOT. Kung ikaw mabagal ka magresponse and gumawa ng mga compliances mo thats why nag oovertime ka beyond 5pm just to finish your work then thats your fault. Dont ask that pay in the government. Ang mga dapat may OT with pay are those employees who are given extra workload beyond 5pm and need matapos agad or else pag di naman madalian he/she could make that work on the next day.

  2. Bakit po kanina sa Clerk of Court ng Hall of Justice, Taguig City ay hanggang 4:00 pm lang daw sila dahil hanggang 4:00 pm din daw ang bangko na bukas para sa pagdedeposito ng kanilang koleksyon sa filing fee, etc. Tanong ko: hindi ba hanggang 5:00 pm ang working hours ng government employees and officers? Sa City Assessor’s Office naman ng Taguig, tumangging ibigay ng Pinaka- Chief ng opisinang ito ang kaniyang pangalan na ayaw mag issue ng certified copies ng mga public documents na hawak nila tulad ng Tax Declaration.

  3. Good morning.could a full time government employee render 40 hrs duty on fridays and saturdays from 8 AM to 5 PM and on sundays from 8 AM to 8 AM the following day to complete the 40 hrs.

  4. hello good afternoon, can a teacher be dismissed from the service for not filing a half day leave (afternoon)?
    note: he asked permission from the school head

  5. You posted about government workers’ possible dismissal from service for violation of working hours. On the flip-side, do we also have regulations on government offices who blatantly disregard employees’ career service eligibility in promoting their employees? Isn’t it the very purpose of obtaining eligibility in government agencies?

  6. bakit po hindi pwede mag over time work kung may leave o late. paano po kung special request ung work gaya ng seminar o tema building na sat and sunday d wala na po bayad un. kawawa naman po ung empleyado.

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