Agriculture Student Successfully Grows Fruiting Apple Trees in Mindanao

An Agriculture student successfully grows fruiting apple trees in Mindanao – and his story has inspired so many people who had no idea that apples can actually grow in a tropical country like the Philippines!

Many associate apples with the temperate zone, places where there is snow. But did you know that apples can also grow in the Philippines – and bear fruits, too? That’s what an Agriculture student managed to achieve at his hometown in Kapatagan, Digos City in Davao del Sur.

Photo credits: Benzone Kennedy Franes Sepe / Facebook

It all began in 2014 when Benzone Kennedy Franes Sepe decided to plant the three seeds of the apple he was eating. He planted the seeds at their yard but only one survived. However, the tree did not bear fruit. So, he began to research more about growing apples.

I pruned the plant but it did not end there. I found out a proper way on the internet saying that the branch should be bent for sunlight exposure,” Sepe said.

Photo credits: Benzone Kennedy Franes Sepe / Facebook

Sometime in January 2018, he finally enjoyed the fruits of his labor, literally! The apple tree in his yard bloomed! A month later, he had four fist-sized pinkish apples from his tree.

I cannot see any difference between them and commercial apples because the juiciness and crunchiness are the same,” he revealed.

Photo credits: Benzone Kennedy Franes Sepe / Facebook

Sepe was able to replicate the success of his first apple plant, growing an orchard that has become a popular spot to visit in Kapatagan. A lot of people were truly amazed over the apples growing in the orchard, the first of its kind in Mindanao!

Photo credits: Benzone Kennedy Franes Sepe / Facebook

The apples were also tested. Sepe announced that the seed grown products from the orchard have excellent Brix, 17.5! According to the Brix scale for apples, 6 is poor, 10 is average, 14 is good, and 18 is excellent. The apples grown by Sepe are excellent. Wow.

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